A team of Mathura and Haryana police officers was attacked at Nangla Islam Nagar, Mathura’s Shergarh police station area, on the night of Wednesday, May 18th. When the police attempted to arrest an OLX fraudster named Nauman from the area, the residents attacked them with stones, bricks, and lathis. The Mathura police department acknowledged that shots were fired from rooftops. The incident left many police officers injured.

According to the Mathura police, a complaint has been filed against 34 known and unknown people, and 18 people, including nine women, have been arrested under relevant sections of the IPC. More research is being carried out.

In charge of the Kosikalan police station Shokeen, Rashid Khan, Arish, Tarif, Robin, Mushtaq, Rizwan, Rashid, a native of Janghawali in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, and Asif are among those arrested, according to Arun Panwar. Rahul, Nauman, Shakir, Mufid, Mukeem, Anees, Zubaid, Bhalla, Taleem, Farooq, Junaid, Movvi, Shaeeda, Samman, Abad Khan, Iqbal, Rafika, Arshida, Rapsheena, and Arfina were among those arrested. Ten other individuals have been charged with attacking police officers and releasing the accused, including Barfina, Amina, Mosmina, Rehana, and Kaifa.

Sub-Inspector Pawan Kumar of Sector-31 Faridabad Haryana Police, SI Rajesh Kumar of Sector-32 Faridabad Haryana Police, and police personnel Azharuddin and Arif of Mathura’s Shergarh police station arrived on Wednesday afternoon to apprehend the OLX fraudster Nauman because his phone location indicated that he was in the area. Nauman is accused of scamming customers on OLX for Rs 36,000.

The accused was nabbed when the police squad arrived in Nangla Islam Nagar. The accused was found with two tractors and a Hyundai Creta vehicle. The accused was also found to have a large number of stolen cellphones. When the police were removing the fraudster, a mob from the hamlet, including numerous women, attacked them with bricks, stones, and sticks. During the assault, the fraudster managed to leave.


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