Hinduphobia in western academia has continued for ages, most likely from the Colonial era. The academia and media always develop new dividing theories such as Hindutva, caste, and cows in framing Sanatan dharma as the extremist one. While those cults who behead one for the accusations of non-believing are termed as a victim, a simple Hindu man, who reveres a cow is termed as a terrorist by the tolerance brigade. As a result, several instances of attacks on Hindus have been frequently in news.

Sadly, many Indians, undoubtedly Hindu, who try to please their colonial masters have been humiliating their own race and culture by terming themselves, atheists.

Recently, some scholars at Syracuse University, the majority of them Indians have come up with their blatant Hinduphobic mindset. These Indian scholars at Syracuse University have announced to conduct a discussion titled “Symbol of Divinity or Deadly Weapon? Visualization of the Cow in Indian Calendar Art and Digital Media,” initiated by University teaching assistant Ankush Arora. The discussion will be chaired by Radha Kumar.

Other than this, others will be discussing it over Hindutva, Militarism, and Everyday Insecurity in India, Buddhist Modernity Modelled after Islam.

Never be satisfied with hypocrisy as the explanation. It is, by all means, a hierarchy, wherein atrocities against the depraved subhumans are permitted. Invent lies about them, credit their machinations with every wrong of the past, exaggerate their shortcomings into industrial-scale evils, and settle into a reclined watch as the hive mind masses scream hymns of hate against them, even as the rhetoric of equality, humanity, and kindred ideals finds regular utterance. This is the truth of the Dalit-Caste-Feminist-Privilege-Blindness Brigade And their Free Speech Hypocrisy.

In the days of the “freedom struggle”, Savarkar once noted that the Congress, in its commendable desire to unite Hindus and Muslims, seemed often to approach the realization of that goal with the assumption that such a thing already existed. In other words, it mistook its goal for reality. Much the same thing may be said to be happening today. Bright-eyed harbingers of a progressive utopia in our country wish we were as ‘liberal’ as the West. So, their approach is to believe we already can afford wokery.

But then, wokery is a founding trait of our Republic. So, I cannot say I am entirely surprised by this. I can certainly say, however, that this portends an era even more disoriented than the present.

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