Let me introduce you to some further, fact-checks:

  • No, the stabbing was an accident when Hindu-Mu$lim youths were hugging each other in a display of “communal amity and harmony.”
  • No, the youths there acted in Self-Defense when bigoted Hindu women refused to tie rakhi on their wrists and abused them and assaulted them, for not considering the Hindu women being good-enough material for Love-Jihad.
  • No, Hindu man was not a savior of woman. He’d abused Amber Heard an year back and Afjal Guru 6 years ago. So he’s both a bigoted mysogynist and pro-Kashmir occupation.
  • Bonus Fact Check: No, stabbing Hindu men for supporting Hindu women who stand up against child-molestation and recieve death and rape threats themselves, is a secular crime. Look at Kanhaiyal and Umesh Kolhe ji.

So there has been no communal angle in these incidents and infact they were promoting the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb vro!!

I guess these fact-checks are enough to fetch me a Nobel peace prize.

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