Juhi Chawla Becomes Meme Fodder After HC Dismisses 5G Suit With Rs 20 Lakh  Fine - Culture

In a shocking move , what is being termed as a diplomatic harakiri , Liberals have moved to Supreme Court to declare citizens /residents of Netherlands, Taiwan, UAE, Germany , South Korea and multiple other countries as Aliens and ban anyone from those countries from Visiting India and send them for quarantine.

Juhi Chawla files lawsuit against 5G technology; What is 5G, and what is  the issue?

There was an urgent meeting at the Ministry of External Affairs to discuss this diplomatic
We sent our reporters to investigate this matter . This is what we found .
The leader of Liberal Group said that , we have found that 5G has already been rolled out in many countries such as UAE, Taiwan, Thailand, Netherlands, Singapore etc.( refer the complete list below) , and no adverse effect was found in anyone living there , including many Indians . Considering that eminent Scientist has reiterated that 5G harms the environment and adversely affects humans and animals, hence it can only be concluded that the humans living in these countries must be aliens to not be affected in any way by these radiations.

The petition even mentions that it is impossible that mere humans can withstand such adverse and harming radiation, hence it is an absolute surety that those living there must be aliens . The petition even mentioned that since all residents in those countries seem very healthy , it may be icncluded that aliens have natural body immunity to such harmful radioation while we humans do not .So the petitioner made a prayer to the Milords that any interaction with such species must be banned , limited to stop any infection transferring from aliens to humans , as it may be a plot to wipe out human population via stealth means.

All the liberals accepted in unison that they were in awe of the intelligence of Juhi Chawla and thanks her for saving lives of all humans , specially Indian and raised slogans to nominate her for Bharat Ratna and Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile the Ministry of Exrernal Affairs are in a joepardy about how to deal with this tricky situation .
Well we wish everyone to solve their issues soon.

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