This is the reality and the lesson.

Kill Disbeliever!

Abbu: Oh idiot. I gave you the Quran yesterday to read, did you read it? Something entered your mind?

Abdul: Yes Abbu read it. And now you get ready to die (puts a gun to Abbu’s forehead).

Abbu: What are you doing Abdul? I am your father .

Abdul: Abbu, “My Guardian is only Allah, and Allah has created me, you and all worlds and I should obey his commands alone.” (Qur’an, 7:54) Read Abbu !

Abbu: But son, it is our rites to obey the orders of the parents.

Abdul: “All authority to give orders belongs to Allah alone.” (Qur’an, 3:154) and “Allah commands that you should not accept the guidance of anyone other than Him, this is the true way.” (Qur’an, 12:40)

Abbu: Son I will die

Abdul: Abbu if you die then you will get paradise, 72 hoors and gilima. Making a peg from the river of alcohol in paradise and having sex with hoors.

Abbu: Abdul don’t joke, the bullet will go off and will kill me by tormenting me with pain. What will happen to your mother and sister?

Abdul: Why are you afraid? Uncle will get married with Ammi and I will get married to sister. From Qur’an Sura 33:50 all believers got the right to have sex with their cousin-mother-in-law and cousin, even from Qur’an Sura 33:37 they could also marry their daughter-in-law. Our Pig-amber Sahib had also married his daughter-in-law Zainab. If you wanted, Abbu, you could have enjoyed reading Quran Sura 33:37 with my wife, kissing your daughter (in-law) sexually after I divorce her. You don’t even pay attention to Maulana ji’s fatwa.

Abbu: Thinking like this about such relationships is disgusting!

Abdul: You’re disobeying Allah! In this world, even disobedient parents are not my friends, Quran Surah 9:23. We are all Jihadis of Allah. Allah has bought from us ‘believers’ (Muslims) their lives and their wealth in exchange for what we die in the way of Allah for them and we kill. Such is written in the Qur’an (e.g. Sura 9:111).

Abbu : Son, what will you get by killing me?

Abdul : If you are killed in this way, I will get power in paradise. And give me a chance to make your property, your daughter and your house maid as my slave maid.

Abbu : Son, do not commit such a crime.

Abdul : Abbu, don’t you worry. Just as jihadi brothers get the love of Allah and blessings in Paradise by detonating a bomb and killing kafirs, similarly I will get the same amount of power from a bullet, and Allah will grant me access to heaven.


Another One…

If some miyan is your neighbor

If a miyan’s child is your children’s friend

If any miyani is the best friend of your Mrs.

If a miyan’s girl is your daughter’s friend

If there is any miyan employee in your office company or home.

If your business partner is miyan

your domestic help
your baby-sitter
your driver
your teacher or tutor
your tailor
your washerman
your hairdresser
your tenant
your car mechanic
your electrician
your vegetable seller
mason working in your house
your plumber
your welder

If someone is a peacemaker with a beard, then you need to be careful.

Whatever you do, no matter how much you love, give respect, you are only an kafir (=infidel or disbeliever) for him.

Such an infidel, to destroy, he promises his God 5 times a day.

And every jumma his madrasa raid cleric teaches methods for this.

On every Friday, they discuss the target, do their planning.

you don’t know but
They are your property in the mosque
Talking about your daughter

And a group is formed with the consent of the cleric who follows you.

You cannot imagine who will go to kill you and who will take & run away your daughter.

who will steal your car
In whose garage the car will be cut
Everything gets fixed

you can’t think
Who will later rescue the team that will commit the crime?

This is also fixed in the same mosque.

You are that infidel.. whom to kill, whose daughters to run away with, whose properties to be seized…

And he’s brainwashed to believe his God blesses him for killing you.

Our job is to warn you as you wish.

As long as there is life in my body, I will keep awakening Hindus because Hindutva is my mission and Hindu Rashtra is my dream.

जय राम जी की ?
भारत माता की जय ?


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