Hindus are discriminating against Muslims in civil service examinations by not letting them clear the exam. The percentage of Muslims clearing the civil service examinations is repeatedly declining. UPSC is an exam through which one enters the administrative field but due to majoritarianism and racist ideology like Hindutva, Muslims are lagging to get into the system. This should be seen as a deliberate act to oppress Muslims.

If this continues how will innocent muslims propagate the great message of Prophet Muhammad and how will muslims raise the flag of Islam all over the world? This year total of 685 candidates cleared the UPSC exam, of whom only 25 are Muslim have qualified the exam and thus making least number of candidates from the community to have cleared the prestigious exam in a decade. This year Muslims made up only 3% UPSC Civil Services Result and only 2 muslim candidate could get their names in the top 100. From a peak of 52 candidates in 2016-17, leading to accusations of UPSC Jihad, this number has been climbing downwards to the range of 20-30 in last 6 years. .

For a community that is 16% nationwide, Muslim share in civil services remains at less than 4% and has fallen by more than 40% from the mid 2010s. Hindu candidates make up nearly 95% of the overall list, with 345 from General Category, 263 OBCs , 99 in EWS, 154 SCs and 72 STs. This is how the violentl majority of India is discriminating against Muslims are causing a hindrance to the dream Muhammad Sahab.

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