Nothing can be surprising when it comes from Pakistan, even the Ripley’s Believe it or not pales in front of Pakistanis. So, a headline purportedly of Dawn News saying, a pilot in Pakistan was caught peeing the cockpit of PAF F-16 to enhance the efficiency of the jet as told by Allah did not raise up the horns of netizens as a possible spoof.

We never know Pakistan, shorty with funds and ATF fuel with compulsion to run its business of exporting terrorism, might have after all got this inspiration from Allah to use urine as a substitute.

As the country came into existence and still exists with the sole medieval era mindset of a Ghazwa-e-Hind and turning the whole world into an Islamic Caliphate, might get such brainwaves from Allah.

Also, the founder of Islam is said to have flown overnight to Jerusalem from Mecca on a flying donkey, perhaps with sprouted wings and ATF tank for a stomach, our Pakistani friends can certainly fly on F-16s filled with their own pee!

Anyway, a country where a cabinet minister says he would put 250gms of nuclear bomb on India, which will only kill Hindus of India, anything is possible!

At this rate the Pakistanis so consumed with hatred for non-Muslims and Hindus in particular, are simply a crazy lot and are a danger for themselves and the whole world including animals and trees, you never know it might start demanding from the trees and animals to croon Azan with them if they want to exist!

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