What has sent a wave of excitement to all non-white folks in USA is that the newly launched party , Aam Aadmi Party USA , has promised a lavish 3 story bungalow with private swimming pool in Mars , a private SpaceX Rocket, and 10 billion worth of Dogecoin to all non white voters if they come to power .

This has caused a wave of euphoria in USA with all non white folks dancing in joy. Some thought it was prank till they were told by Raghav Chaddha that APP makes such amazing promises all the time . While when we tried to investigate ,we found that hardly any promise of Aam Aadmi Party , led by Arvind Kejriwal were ever fulfilled , Raghav Chaddha clearly denied these claims are baseless calling them Modi ki Saazish.

This comes after AAP promised a lot of freebies in Delhi (which were never fulfilled ) and more promises for Punjab Elections.

Never the less , it has sent share prices of Tesla , Spacex and Dogecoin through the galaxy till Andromeda Galaxy . Elated Elon Musk did a Twitter poll asking if he should sell all his stocks. 99.99% said no stating that , this man is known to make fake promises that he will never fulfill his promises and his share prices will fall.

Arvind Kejriwal has also been found looking for 8767657645646 advertisinga agencies to handle his advertising in USA , since he is flushed with all the money he DID NOT use for fulfilling his promises in delhi .

Debates have broken out on all channels across the world , while some see it as discrimination and racism , many especially the wokes saw it as justice for all that the colonialists did to non whites 400 years ago . Some desi Wokes also said that it was divine retribution for all the Brahmnical Patriarchy done in India (now that Baniyas are also included as Brahmins since Parag Agarwal became CEO of Twitter )

Some raised eyebrows as pointed out that Mr Kejriwal is famous for divide and rule, lure and trap and then ditch and dump politics , he clearly denied it .

AAP has requested the symbol fox for their election to align with their working.

Well let’s see if APP manages to make a dent into US politics.

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