What has come as surprise is that Anna Hazare is is planning to sue Rakesh Tikait for copyright violation and sue him for millions.

When we spoke to Anna Ji , he said that “Doing these mass protests, Sit in , sleep in dharnas , creating a faux humanistic movement , getting famous , getting donations, support from WOKE celebs , then was my original idea . ” He has copied it . he fears his idea will soon be copied all over India .Hence he plans to patent it soon.

Arvind Kejriwal added that he fears Rakesh Tikait will also form a political party after getting fake and becoming a leader (like he had done by highjacking the Anna movement and then forming a political party ) hence that also is anticipated and needs rto be stopped in advance .

Arvind Kejriwal also said that “just like HIm , he is certain that RAkesh Tikait will give fake promises , promise action against all corupts , promise thousand things , collect millions in funds in his election campaign and when once elected he will go back on everything after fooling and conning gullible , naive citizens “. This second part Kejriwal claimed is his original idea , which he plans to patent very soon.

We do hope this matter settles out of out soon.

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