Justice Chandrachud delivering the 13th BR Ambedkar Memorial Lecture on Tuesday


What has come as a shock to millions of Indian is that ALL Non Marwari , Baniya, Parsi Indians have filed a PIL in SC to get reservation in Commerce Colleges and B Schools.

The PIL reads that they decided to file this PIL after reading ta statement by the most Hon. educated , soon to be the most unbiased, knowledegable , pragmatic person in Indian, who will be the Chief Justice , Justice Chandrachud.

Hon. Justice DY Chandrachud, Son on late Hon. Justice Y.V. Chandrachud , who was the longest serving Chief Justice of India , made a statement “A”narrow concept of merit” allows upper caste individuals to mask their “obvious” caste privilege. He also said that “Referring to jurist Micheal J Sandel’s book ‘Tyranny of Merit’, Justice Chandrachud said that individuals with vast privilege can define their success not as a consequence of their privilege but because of their belief that they “have earned it through their merit”.


“The criteria for the identification of personhood have evolved over time,” Live Law quoted Justice Chandrachud as saying.

The Supreme Court judge went further to add that the Constitution provides for the right to equality for India’s Dalit community.

After reading such statements , All communities who do not come from those who are known for having business acumen , suddenly had a epiphany and decided to take this knowledge , pearls of wisdom seriously and demand reservation in all subject which deal with Business Accumen , mainly COmmerce and MBA colleges.

After hearing about this PIL all law aspirants hailing from non Legal families like the one Justice Chandrachud comes from , also decided to seek reservation in Law colleges.

Similar demands came from those seeking to become doctors and wish to become one.

This seems to have triggered a tsunami of reservations needing PIL in SC . Debates broke out in all TV channels , with many justifying the PIL while many demanding equality .

With the overburdened judiciary it is calculated that these PILs have added 564654564 more years of pendency in our already burdened courts.

Let’s hope no Mandal type agitation , violence happens now , no loss of life happens.

Also if Justice Chandrachud has issues with this satirical post , here is a judgement by Delhi High COurt “If you don’t like it , don’t read it “.

And to quote Justice Chandrachud himself “Dissent (under the garb of satire) is the (bulletproof) safety valve of democracy”. Unless of course we have been captured by China and we do not know yet .


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