There have been a long going heated disputes and debates about the naming of the liberated country from the British despotism in 1947 which has been traditionally, originally and authentically known as Aryavarta, Bharat and Baratvarsh, since over many millennia well before Jesus Christ was born, and later it was also known as Hindustan in the Great Persia region and middle-east region. Aryavarta and Bharat are mentioned in Vedas, many scriptures and Mahabharata. Bharatas were Vedic tribe mentioned in Rigveda. According to Puranas our motherland is known as Bharat and it is also derived from the name of Emperor Bharat, a son of King Dushyant and queen Shakuntala. The term Bharat Khand or Kshetra used in Vedas, Mahabharat, Ramayan and Purans is the region of present South Asia. According to Swayambhu Manusmriti or Manav Dharma Shastra written over 5000 years ago, the book of Aryan law, Bharat was also known as Aryavarta. In Mahabhagvata (P-92) It is clearly mentioned that the geographical area known as Aryavarta since ancient Vedic period was renamed ‘’Bharat’’ after Great King Bharata, son of Rishabhan. According to Jain scriptures Aryavarta was also known as Nabhivarsha after the name of Nabhi, father of King Rishabha and grandfather of Bharata. Vishnu Puran explicitly describe Bharat as ‘’The country that lies north of ocean and south of the snowy mountains (Himalaya) is called Bharat, there dwell the descendants of King Bharata.

‘’ उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम् । वर्षं तद् भारतं नाम भारती यत्र संततिः ।। (Vishnu Purana  (2.3.1) 

Although Bharat have different indigenous names like Aryavarta, Jambudvipa, Bharatvarsha, Brahmavarta, different countries and civilisations from different part of the world far away had called Aryavarta or Bharat by different name in their own languages. The ancient Mesopotamia during third millennium BCE referred and called Bharat as Meluha in their local tongue. The ancient Persians, the followers of Zoroastrian religion lived beyond western side of the Sindhu River, one of the cardinal seven Vedic Rivers known as Sapta Sindhavah or Sapta Sindhu. The sapta Sindu is mentioned as Hapta Handu in ancient scripture Avesta and Vendad. the part of Avesta describes in stanza 18 of chapter 1 as the fifteenth of the sixteen lands created by Ahura Mazda. An ancient civilization which is now known as ‘’Indus Valley Civilization’’ flourished in the Sapta Sindu region and the ancient Persians used the term Handu or Hindu for the people living beyond eastern bank of Sindhu in  in Hapta Handu or Hindu region. In ‘’Zend Avesta’’ or ‘’Zand Avesta’ ’the middle–Persian language scriptures, the word ‘’Hindu’’ is used to denote the people of ‘’Hapta Handu’’ or Aryavarta or Bharat In Avesta language. Hindu is an ancient Avestan pronunciation for Sindhu as S is pronounced in ancient Persian or Avesta language as H. Hindus or Hindush are popular words used for the region and people of Bharat in ancient Persia by the Zoroastrian people, the natives of Persia following Zoroastrianism thousands of years before Christ. The ancient Persian used to call the people of Bharat or Aryavarta a Hindu, the domicile land located on the other side of Vedic River Sindhu (Indus) and their domicile region as Hindustan. The word Stan in Persian language is equivalent word of Sthan means place in Sanskrit. The word Hindu, Hindustan or Hindu dharma never appeared in any ancient scriptures, literatures and grammar of Sanskrit language. Although the word Hindu was utilized by ancient Persians to express the identity of people of Bharat, that word was never used or adopted by domicile people of Bharat for thousands of years. The word Hindusthan for Bharat was made compulsory, common and popular by Mogul invaders after establishing their Kingdom. They forcefully imposed the words Hindu and Hindusthan on the people of Bharat. The word Hindu seems to be suddenly appeared or used in Tantric literature of 8th century in context with term for the people living in Bharat only. .

It is also believed that The word India for Bharat is derived from Greek to Latin language word ‘’Indica’’ and British first used it as India and changed it to ‘’Indie’’ during Early Modern English period due to the influence of French language and later adopted the name in its original form as India in 17th century onwards and imposed this name after the forceful and deceitful acquisition of the most of territories of Bharat. The name India was termed during colony era of despotic British Raj. So name India is the symbol of slavery, oppression and despotism given by dictatorial wealth plundering colonial British Government who inhumanely ruled Bharat for several centuries. Millions of nationalist people of Bharat consider name ‘’India’’ a horrific relics of British Empire.

The Biblical Hebrew name for Bharat is mentioned in Jewish Tanakh and Christian old Hoddu which might be derived from Persian people using word Hindu for the people living other side of Sindhu River.

The people of Bharat have a great pride in calling themselves as Vedic, Sanatani or Arya and their religion as Vedic Dharma, Arya Dharma or Sanatan Dharma, where Dharma means the way of life which is well above the conceit western definition and concept of religion. The use of word Hindu to refer religion and race is of a late occurrence started with barbaric Islamic occupation of Bharat and despotic rule of British. The domicile identity and religious identity was forcefully imposed upon the people of Bharat by Islamic Kings first. It seems obvious that the people of Bharat had no other choice but to accept Islam or accept the new label given by cruel Islamic invaders who ruled most parts of Bharat between 1526 and 1707.    The British, the predecessor of Mughal rule, continued with the Mughal tradition with the name of nation as Hindustan and later systematically impose the new Name ‘’India’’ to original name Bharat or Mughal name Hindustan and Hindu to Indian to the people of Bharat officially and call the Sanatatan, Vedic or Arya Dharma as Hinduism. Surprisingly not Indiaism ! .

Changing and forcefully imposing the names, ideology, religion and culture on to indigenous people have been the norms of foreign invaders and despotic rulers all over the world and there was no exception for the despotic rulers of British Empire in India. They have gradually, forcefully and officially changed the name of Bharat, Bharatvarsh, Aryavarta and Hindusthan to India to establish their authority, power and dominance, and forcefully made that name more popular in the world as nearly half of the world was ruled by British Empire for centuries.  It is a big shame and unpatriotic on the part of the leaders and lawmakers of Independent Bharat under the chairmanship of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar and leadership of Nehru who gave prominence to the name of country as ‘’ India that is Barat’’ in the draft of new constitution of Republic of Bharat.

In 2003, Vishwa Hindu Parishad was wrong to demand the name of India should be changed to Hindustan or Hindusthan as both words have no connection with the land, religion, language, culture, tradition and history. Hindu is an ancient Persian word created by the domicile people call Zoroastrians to distinguish the people of Bharat which were later borrowed and adopted by the people of Bharat or Aryavarta during the dark period of their history. People of Bharat have no sensible reason, meaning and need to adopt those foreign names willingly which were given by their ancient Persian neighbours. Remember that those names were not forcefully imposed upon people of Bharat by ancient Persians or Zoroastrians same as name India by despotic British Rulers and Hindu and Hindustan by Barbaric Islamic rulers like Moguls.  .    

It is unfortunate that the people of Bharat or Aryavarta had to accept and adopt those foreign names under subjugation and slavery during the Islamic and British rules. The words Hindustan/Hindusthan, India, Hindu and Hindu Dharma were officially endorsed and introduced and all efforts were made to discard and remove their own indigenous language words like Sanatani, Sanatan Dharma, Brahmavarta, Vedic, Vedic Dharma, Arya, Arya Dharma, Aryavarta etc. from public life and they succeeded to enforce those new names on the people of Bharat. Unfortunately, after the independence of Bharat, the rein of governance went in the hands of the moderate group of Congress, the puppet of British government. The Congress leaders belonging to Moderate group headed by Nehru took over the governance of new Bharat and became the master of the nation. The task of drafting new constitution was given to the majority of legislative member belonging to Moderate group who were faithful to Nehru. The drafted the new constitution of Bharat were anglicised by their education, behaviour, acts and life style. They were not hard core nationalists who had pride, patriotism and devotion like other nationalists and freedom fighter revolutionaries. They were a bunch of opportunists and power hungry politicians who had been working under British influence all along. It would not be a surprise if there might be an internal conspiracy of British to convince their congress agents to influence the name ‘’India’’ for the independent country liberated from their slavery and despotism. It might be a plot to shame and show their mastery over the liberated nation by enforcing their British word India. ‘’India’’ the name christened by British in their English is a black spot on the head of our liberated nation and that must be removed from the constitution and dumped for good. The constitution of Bharat is not Islamic religious book ‘’Quran’’ where a single word  can not be changed.

The VHP must rethink in their suggestion and reconsider their demand for Bharat or Aryavarta rather than their original demand to rename India as Hindustan. Although the words like Hindu, Hindustan, Hind were not the symbol of slavery used by ancient Zoroastrians of Persia who had very close association with Vedic culture and Sanskrit language for them Hindustan was only as a geographical description – not to represent a particular religion.  The words Hindu and Hindustan were certainly forcefully imposed words by converted barbaric Islamic rulers in later age who looted and terrorise and destroyed Bharat and its Vedic culture, tradition and religion. So those words created by ancient Persians have become words of slavery and humiliation under Islamic rule of Mughals. The word Hindustan transformed its original meaning and transformed in to a new meaning of insult and foreign domination just like the word ‘’ India’’. Those words are imposed on the people of Bharat forcefully during the dark age of Bharat. These words do not belong to our own tradition, vocabulary, language and culture. They are symbols of humiliation, slavery and insults. Those forcefully imposed words to change our original and authentic identity. So no proud and ardent nationalist and patriot person of Bharat would accept them as their identity or the identity of their oldest culture civilisation and nation. Every self-respected  and proud citizen of Independent Bharat  must demand for reverting the name ‘’India’’ back to the authentic and original name Bharat or any indigenous name it was called in ancient period but not the names those wealth plunderer and blood sucker barbaric foreigners called it or those foreign rulers labelled it forcefully. Our forcefully imposed but later foolishly and senselessly adopted identity as Hindus and our religion Hinduism must also reverted back to our original identity as Arya or Bharatiya and our religion to its authentic name Vedic Dharma, Arya dharma or Sanatan Dharma. Now Time is ripe to break the shackles of all slavery to rectify the greatest historic, cultural and religious mistakes committed by our Anglicized national leaders who became independent on 15th August 1947 but remained slave mentally after Indian Independence.

Every human being including greatest scholar and thinker is prone to make some mistake in life and those mistakes must be rectified and not to be carried forward blindly and foolishly. In case of the use of term Hindu, Hindutva, Hindusthan in his philosophical and political writings, Vir Savarkar, a great patriot scholar and thinker was somewhat wrong to utilise those borrowed or forcefully imposed foreign words to identify the nation, its people and the pride of the people of that nation rather than using the most appropriate and indigenous words like Arya , Aryatva, and aryavarta or Bharat. You cannot inspire the spirit of pride and nationalism on the subjects whose title or name is not in their own language and tradition and not indigenous. The words Hindu, Hindutva, Hindusthan ( where sthan is  Sanskritised word of Persian word stan meaning place} are not found in Sanskrit and other ancient indigenous languages, literature and scriptures of Bharat. Such borrowed or imposed words cannot deliver the same effect and feeling to induce pride, nationalism and dignity among people of Bharat and its future generation. The name India symbolise the constant reminder of slavery and oppression of our nation. The name India insults not only our oldest language, culture and civilisation in the world but also our culture, tradition, our glorious history and pride too.  The name and word ‘’India, that is Bharat‘’ must be thrown out of Indian Constitution same as Mughals and British  and the name of our nation must be replaced with the authentic name ‘’Bharat’’ only with great pride and dignity to identify with the ethos of the oldest civilisation of Aryavarta or Bharat.

Yogi Adityanath, had moved a Private Bill in the Loksabha  first on 5th March 2010, Then on 28th November and last on 12th December 2014. His Bill proposed to amend theamend the words of Article 1 as ‘’ Bharat That is Hindusthan, shall be a Union of States.’’ Yogi Adityanath being a staunch and proud nationalist and patriot committed  biggest mistake in rewording and replacing India with Hindustan as the name changed but meaning remained the same as India, the words of slavery given by British to replace by Hindustan, the words of slavery forcefully imposed by Islamic empire of Moghuls forgetting the word ‘’Hindustan’’ is a foreign word same as India and those words have no roots in Vedic or Arya Dharma or Sanatani dharma and its languages. The time has come for the advocators and propagators and users of words like Hindu, Hindustan/Hindusthan, Hindu Dharma and Hindutva (redesigned word by nationalists from word Hindu) to research, re-evaluate and reconsider and come to the conclusion that those words although invented and used by foreigners and eventually blindly and thoughtlessly adopted by the indigenous people and religion of Bharat or Aryavarta. Those words must also be replaced by Arya or Sanatani, Bharat or Aryavarta or Bharatvarsh, Vedic Dharma or Sanatan Dharma or Arya Dharma and Aryatva and readopted them immediately by dumping those insulting words of slavery. When we talk about nationalism, patriotism and taking pride in our own culture, tradition, language, literature, scripture and religion we must not keep following and repeating the same mistakes and the wrongs our ancestor had done under any circumstances. Bharat is now free from barbaric Islamic Moghul rules and despotic and cunning and atrocious British Rules so all the insulting given by foreign hoards like India, Hindu, Hindustan/Hindusthan, Hindu Dharma and Hindutva  must be discarded immediately and replace by authentic and indigenous words in which we can take a great pride and dignity as our own.  

The opposition to naming Bharat as India is not a new phenomenon. The constituent Assembly set up a drafting committee to draft new constitution for pour liberated nation under the chairmanship of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar on 29th August 1947 but took two years and 19 days precisely to discuss the section ‘’name and territory of the Union’’ , The article 1 (1)  of the constitution, on 17th September,1947. A soon as the first article was read out saying ’’India that is Bharat, shall be a union of states.’’ a division and strong oppose arose among the delegates immediately. Some members with socialist ideology suggested ‘’ Union of Indian Socialistic Republic – U.I.S.R. in short’’ alike U.S.S.S.R. Seth Govind Das a son of Diwan Bahadur Jivan Das and the grandson of Raja Gokuldas of Jabalpur and representative of Central province was very unhappy with the wording of Article 1 and he explicitly said ‘’India that is Bharat’’ are not beautiful words for the name of a country. We should have put ‘’Bharat Known as India also in foreign countries.’’ Mr Govind Das was right in his opinion that Bharat was known as India not vice versa. Seth Govind das reminded the assembly that Gandhiji himself had said that the country fought the battle of freedom raising the slogan of ‘’BHARAT Mata Ki Jay’’ endorsing that Bharat could be the only plausible name for the country. Mr Hari Vishnu Kamath, a member of the Forward Bloc (Naram Dal) Of Indian National congress suggested to change the words to ‘’ Bharat or alternately Hind as the primary name or calling India in English language only,’’ Mr Kamath was strongly critical of the wordings of article1 that says ‘’India that is Bharat. When Mr Kamath carried on with his argument forcefully elaborating the original and authentic names of the ancient nation Bharat, Bharatbhumi, Bharatvarsha, Hind, Hindustaan etc., Dr Ambedkar interjected and asked him to cut short his speech. He was not given freedom to express his full view as he was opposing the will of the new master of India and not Bharat.

Surprisingly many other Congress members like those mentioned earlier were adamant to keep and accept foreign word India in constitution. It seemed that the wordings were already chosen, decided and endorsed by Nehru in advance. Many nationalist and staunch patriot delegates and some members of Extremists Bloc (Gram Dal) of congress strongly and forcefully opposed the name India and suggested to remove it from the constitution and they wanted Bharat or Hind only. Seth Govind Das, a famous Hindi Author, freedom activist, parliamentarian and representative of Hill districts of the United provinces, forcefully voiced that the people of North India wanted the name Bharatvarsh and nothing else’’. Mr Govind Vallabh Pant, a leading freedom fighter and one of the architects of Bharat from Brahman family, strongly and forcefully criticised fellow congressmen who were for the name India in constitution. He boldly argued his point saying, ’’So far as the word ‘India’ is concerned, the members seems to have, and really I failed to understand why, some attachment for it (word India). We must know that this name was given to our country by foreigners who, having heard of the riches of this land, where tempted towards it and had robbed us of our freedom in order to acquire the wealth of country.  If we, even then, cling to the word ‘India’, it would only show that we are not ashamed of having this insulting word which has been imposed on us by alien rulers.’’  Among other Constituent Assembly Members, Shri Har Govinf Pant, Shri Kamalapati Tripathi, Shri B M Gupta and Shri Sriram Sahai were leading personalities who strongly argued fought and demanded that their liberated nation must be names Bharat only and not India. The people who strongly and vigorously opposed the name India in the constitution were minority in numbers as almost all congress members, except some from extreme Bloc, where the staunch supporters of Nehru and his bandwagon as well as almost whole assembly was dominated by Nehru and his flatterers. The committee was formed out of very loyal members of Nehru so none of the suggestions were considered or accepted by the pre-influenced committee. Unfortunately, when all the proposals were put to vote by Shri Rajendra Prasad all fell. An assembly adopted Draft Article 1 as it was originally drafted on next day 18th September 1949. It was a great shame and insult that the recently liberated most ancient nation in the world known as Bharat, from the shackles of foreign power of British Empire was officially and constitutionally given name of India, the same name given by the same despotic British oppressor to the country whom they looted and destroyed for over 300 years. The new congress under the leadership of Nehru murdered the will and the Swadeshi Principle of Gandhiji and overwhelmingly adopted a foreign enslaved and enforced word India to name their New Independent Nation as Gandhiji was no longer there to object, oppose, defend or declare his fasting until death to get the name changed to Bharat only in constitution as he died well before that Black day in the history of Independence. It was a shame, in dignifying and humiliating chapter of Indian freedom movement that congress adopted, promoted and preserved the legacy of English word India, insulting and humiliating and reminding relics of their despotic master for their freed motherland. The whole scenario of naming our motherland India is not only an insult to Gandhiji and his principles but also to the millions of freedom fighter revolutionaries who shed their blood and sacrificed their life for the freedom of Bharat or Aryavarta.               

The present petition filed through advocate Mr Raj Kishor Chaudhary by Delhi businessman called Namah for changing  the name of our nation from India to Bharat to instil a sense of pride in our own also emphasised that ‘’ The word INDIA being replaced with BHARAT, would justify the hard fought freedom by our ancestors.’’   The petitioner has also claimed that it is a duty of the government, which is ‘’State’’ under purview of article12, towards its citizen to Amend Article1 to change the country’s name. Further, the fundamental right underArticle21 which entitles every citizen has the equal right to call his/her own country BHARAT’’. The hearing of the petition titled Namaha vs UOI (Name change from India to Bharat PIL) dated 2nd February 2019 was held in the Supreme Court on 3rd June 2020. The bench of Chief Justice Of India, Mr S A Bobde with justices A S Bopanna and Hrishikesh Roy asked the petitioner’s counsel Advocate Aswin Vaish why he had approached the court, since the Constitution itself says India is also called Bharat. Advicate Aswin, the Counsel for the petitioner argued in reply’ to the judges saying ’’the name India has been sought to be excluded. It has not been derived from within Bharat (India). It is a name of Greek origin derived from word ‘’Indica’’.’’ After many arguments, When the Court intimated its disinclination to entertain the petition same as in past, Advocate Aswin Vaish urged the Bench for allowing the petition to be treated as representation before the concerned Ministry, which was allowed by the Court. The Supreme Court said in its order ’’The present petition is directed to be treated as a representation and may be considered by the appropriate Ministries’’.  It is a great news that this time the Supreme court allowed the representation to the appropriate Ministries making the way for the petitioner to take this matter to the Government of India and left the responsibility to the Both the houses of  Parliament to decide democratically on the issue. Now we have to wait and watch how and how fast this petition will be dealt with by governing political party Bharatiya Janata Party, who boasts to be the most nationalist and patriotic political party of Bharat. The supreme Court has left to the elected members of political parties of Bharat to decide and make amendment to the constitution. The voters will have an opportunity to realise how nationalist and patriot their elected representative and his/her parties are!

 Although ‘’India, that is Bharat’’ is mentioned in Indian Constitution, but the importance of name Bharat just remains confined to the constitution book or within the country. The constitution of India had given the prominence to the name India and it became officially endorsed and recognised name India after Independence and the countries all over the world accepted and call Bharat as India. The name Bharat must be prevailed all over the world and to enable this, the name ‘’India’’ must be ditched immediately and permanently from the constitution of India and it must be legally recognised as Bharat, an authentic and original name of our nation, all over the world just like Shri Lanka for Ceylon, Myanmar for Burma, Bangladesh for East Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Congo to Zaire and many more. Renaming and rebranding of a nation is not a new concept to establish or re-establish its glorious past, history, culture, language and civilisation to create authentic global image and recognition. The world is always ready for right change and they have accepted the changes of names of many countries and cities including Mumbai for Bombay, Chennai for Madras, Bengaluru for Bangalore, and Kolkata for Calcutta etc. The people and government have the courage, will and commitment and conviction to do so. Do not worry about the world it will follow soon faster than some pseudo seculars who has no pride and dignity and prefer to be called them Indians and their nation India..  

The stubborn, antinational and unpatriotic Indian national Congress whose predecessors were responsible for drafting and passing the constitution do not seems to be bothered to repent, apologise and support the petition to change the name India to Bharat only. Their senior leader and former Union Law Minister shamelessly nicknamed the idea of renaming ‘’India’’ as Bharat or ‘’Hindustan’’ as ‘’foolish’’ and one with ‘’Nuisance value.’’ This comment reflects what kind of nationalism, patriotism and arrogance congress and its members possess. Though Bharat has become independent over seven decades, the minds of many congress members and so called secular people might have no issue or concern for the name of their country as their minds have not achieved mental and intellectual freedom yet due to their political interest and gains.

It is still unclear and uncertain what stand and action Governing party BJP and its high command will take after the Supreme Court’s decision in the matter of the petition of Namaha. It is shocking and ludicrous news that G. Madhusudan, a spoke person of BJP from Karnataka State commented that. ‘’The renaming is neither the wish nor the will of the BJP. This is not serious about these things at all when we fighting COVID-19 , unemployment, world crisis, GDP and economy. This is not priority for BJP at all. BJP has not resolved to take up this issue in any forum.’’ This controversial statement of G Madhusudan contradicts with the BJP ideology of nationalism and patriotism and the Central High Command of BJP should clarify their stand publicly in this matter as majority members of BJP, RSS, VHP and other related organisations, known as Sangh Parivaar, and many nationalists from other organisations would be most delighted to see name of their motherland as ‘’India’’ removed immediately from our constitution and replaced it with ‘’Bharat’’ or ‘’Aryavarta’’ only. We understand the situation in present pandemic but life has to go on and the issues lingered for decades and centuries must be addressed immediately. British government did not delay to remove the names of the street and places of 17th century Slave trader Edward Colston immediately in the middle of pandemic when agitators pulled his statue down and demanded to remove his name from many places named after him and others involved in slave trade and racist activities.  A statue of noted slaveholder Robert Milligan has also been removed from outside the Museum of London Docklands to recognise the wishes of the community. The governing body of an Oxford University college has “expressed their wish” to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes, British mining magnet. Former Prime Minister of cape colony in South Africa and architect of apartheid and white supremacist, following a campaign for it to be taken down after the death of George Floyed in USA. The British who have hailed those personalities as their heroes are now dumped by themselves after realising their mistakes. So why the people of Bharat have any concern to dump alien name ‘’India’’ given by oppressive and despotic British rulers. Any mistakes of the history must be rectified immediately in any circumstances and situations when an opportunity is raised. So the excuse made by G. Madhusudan in his statement is unreasonable and invalid. If the central High Command of BJP would take a stand in support of the statement made by their local spokesman of Karnataka State and try to bush off the pending issue of changing name of their nation under the carpet and do not show any interest or desire to act and resolve immediately, they might have to face the wrath of nationalists and patriots of Bharat in future elections and they might have to pay hefty price for their passive action. So it would be wise and in interest of BJP to resolve this pending issue immediately. 

After the ruling order of the Supreme court on 3rd June 2020, there is no better time than now for the BJP Ruled Government to pass the bill in both houses of parliament to change the article 1 of the constitution and remove the name ‘’India, that is Bharat’’ replaced with name ‘’Bharat’’ only. In present growing atmosphere of nationalism and patriotism and present governance of our motherland Bharat by ruling nationalist party BJP would have no problem at all to pass the bill for constitutional change  in Both Houses Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha with absolute majority as no other sensible and serious political party could afford to vote against that bill as this has been the issue of Nationalism, national pride and patriotism. Although BJP has love and hate relationship with chief Minister Mamta Banerjee and her party Trinamool Congress, BJP and PM Shri Narendra Modiji can certainly count on the support of Mamta Didi in Rajya Sabha as Mamta Didi has changed many names of city. Town and village in her state to its original and authentic names and she has an inclination to change the name of ‘’West Bengal’’ to ‘’Paschim Bang’’ since she came to power and became Chief Minister in 2011. This is the best occasion for the BJP Government and Prime Minister Shri Narendraji Modi to take this issue seriously and take an opportunity and act immediately to rectify the grave historic mistake committed since over seven decades by the members of National Indian Congress. BJP Government must grab this golden opportunity to make the citizens feel proud, happy and dignified with the original and authentic name of their motherland ‘’Bharat’’ printed on their passports and all other identities and documents by dumping name ‘’India’’ from the constitution. The name India must be now dropped from our constitution and it must be replaced by its authentic name Bharat or Aryavarta to liberate Bharat from all bondages and relics of slavery of foreign or alien rules. 

The British loyalist Indian National Congress party who named ‘‘Bharat’’ as ‘’India’ and  ruled Bharat over 55 years after independence, never bothered about the sentiments and feelings of Nationalist and patriot people of Bharat. The demand from the public is now getting strength. The great Yoga Guru, ardent nationalist and patriot and proud son of Bharat as well as leading Ayurveda medicines entrepreneur Swami Ramdev has marked all his ‘’Patanjali Ayurved’’ products as ’’Made in Bharat’’ dumping ‘’Made in India’’. Sadaguru Jaggi Vasudev, the founder of Isha Foundation and a great spiritual Guru with millions of followers and a staunch nationalist and patriot advocates and propagates to change constitution name of our motherland to Bharat only. Every nationalist and patriot citizen of Bharat must demand the present government to change the constitution immediately after the Supreme courts ruling. Now, opportunity has risen for the nationalist and patriot peoples of Bharat and political party like BJP to prove their nationalism, patriotism and also to prove their ideology and pride in Bharatiya names, culture, tradition and language. Mr Kamalapati Tripathi, a writer, journalist, and freedom fighter, who had very heated exchanges with Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar  during the debate on the issue of  naming the country on 18 September 1949, bravely reinforcing his point for name Bharat, he roared in the assembly saying, ‘’ The country was in bondage for a thousand years this free country will regain its name’’  We hope and pray for the fulfilment of his prophecy and desire and we hope that BJP will soon pass the bill on parliament to Change the constitution deleting foreign name ‘’India’’ and legally and constitutionally endorsing and declaring the name of our country to regain its original and authentic name ‘’Bharat’’ or Aryavart only, in very near future.      

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