How can someone kill him, when he’s himself willing to sacrifice his life to wake up sleeping Hindu lions? He firmly believes his sacrifice will be the spark to ignite the wildfire. It is for the first time a Sanatani has become unapologetic, his words are his insurance policy. We need to be fearless like him. When you stay in an area of over 90% Muslims, I guess this is the best way out.

Even prophet Mohammed had said to not be afraid to speak the truth, even if you get killed.

The Muslim says that it is written in the Quran that not even a leaf can move without the command of his Prophet. And all that happens is by the command of the Prophet. So what Swami Narasimhanand Saraswati has said was done by the command of the Prophet. So, More power to Swami Ji. Their compulsion is to rely on the constitution and the law, and the day their number increases, their compulsion will also end.

We have been watching this brotherhood for a long time. Illegal Rohingya Muslims settlement in Delhi. They stand in support of Tariq Hussain and Sharjil Imam, the masterminds of the Delhi riots. Isn’t this a laughable stock?

If a Hindu saint says something against the prophet, then his tongue and neck are openly threatened to be cut. Munavvar Farooqui was openly insulting the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and they were defending him by saying that they have freedom of expression.

This hypocrisy needs to be exposed because Hindu religion has never been a tolerance and

“India is secular because Hindus, who constitute 85% of India’s population, are secular, moderate & tolerant.”


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