Odisha government has decided to sell 35 acres of land belonging to Jagannath temple. Jagannath temple, the one among the Char Dhams, the most mysterious  temple of India.

The construction of the temple was started by the king Chodaganga and completed by Anangabima Deva in 12 century. Not only known for its faith among the devotees but also for its mysteries, Jagannath temple is incredible from top to bottom. The flag of the temple fly in the opposite direction of the wind, the shadow of the top most part of the temple never falls on the ground, being situated on the side of the ocean, the sounds of the ocean are inaudible in the temple. The kitchens of Jagannath temple  feeds lakhs of people everyday, but then also not even a single day has been passed, when even a single person has been left hungry.

There were many attempts to demolish the temple, attacked approximately 20 times basically by Muslim invaders, the temple still stands on its grounds with full proud blessing its devotees.

In 1340, the temple was attacked by the Illias Shah, the ruler of Bengal, but saved by Narsinghdev third, the ruler of Uttkal (Odisha). Then in 1360, by Firoz Shah, the ruler of Delhi. In 1568, it faced the major attack by an invader named Kala Paharh,  but the main deities were saved by the priest. Even the great invader Aurangzeb didn’t remain back, he invaded the temple in 1692.

These were invaders, but now the threat has come from its own people, Odisha government has decided to sell 35,272 acres of land belonging to Jagannath temple. The government which has been using the money collected by tourism since decades. As per the data of 2001-2002, the number of tourists visited in Odissa was 31,84,524 which increased to 78,23,953 in 2010-2011. We can multiply the amount of revenue earned from it. Since decades the temple has only given to the government. Now its time to save the temple, its time to free the Hindu temples.

From Growth and Prospects of Tourism in Odisha by Dr. Kabita Kumari Sahu. Linked below.

The above details are taken from a report by Dr. Kabita Kumari Sahu. Read it from here- https://www.ijhssi.org/papers/v2(5)/version-2/C252228.pdf



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