The US army is set to withdraw from Iraq. The news should now be read in continuity as the US withdrew from Afghanistan. The ramification would be far reaching. If you glance at the present Political turmoil and social anarchy of the nation around this geography.

Lebanon has been struggling for holding on to even a caretaker Government.

Syria is sending refugees to the rest of the entire world.

Iraq is struggling with no Electricity and Power.

Iran is struggling for Water.

Yamane has no food.

Afghanistan is witnessing the bloodiest civil war.

Pakistan is willfully pledging itself to China. 

Bangladesh – a country set to sink in the ocean in the next couple of decades.

Nation after nation are proving their incapability to govern and create a welfare society for its citizens. The examples are endless. You look at North Africa and it is turning into a nation without law. Egyptians, Tunisian have added themselves into the queue of Somalian and Nigerians, where mob-violence, kidnapping and killing are now routine. 

But why? What makes so many states decline in all formats of governance? While the entire world is fighting Covid pandemic, these nations are pursuing self-destruction.

The absolute absence of Science and technology as a medium of individual upbringing and education is common in all these nations. For centuries they have neglected any effort of nurturing their talent for productive and nation building activity. Few oil rich nations survived and turned out to be prosperous countries by exporting their natural assets. Important to mention here, yet these oil exporting nations are bereft of any technological or scientific advancement. They are all depending upon west expertise. Rest all have gradually reverted to medieval glory.

Today, these nations are habituated by huge populations with rising above average birth rates without any technological advancement and infrastructure. The Industry, agriculture and service sector are either crumbling or have crumbled. The basic requirement of food, water, medicine, electricity, livelihood and a Government is now on the verge of challenge, and in-fact surviving on external doles.

Whose conspiracy is this? Always unseen is the left liberal hand of sleight. The deceptive mind of the left liberal is pernicious and self-destructive. Sitting in some democratic country, enjoying pleasure of wealth these so called left liberal continuously poisoned these nations through surreptitious collusion with the Governing class.  Conspiracies were hatched, conscience keepers of society were either maligned or dethroned. See how it happened in Iran and Afghanistan where kings were dethroned. It took a few decades, and the outcome of leftist agenda is before the world.

The Christian US, atheist West, Hindu India and Buddhist China all are tired and disappointed at this level of intellectual`s apathy and ridiculous level of governance. Not that they have not tried, invested, engaged or mobilized these societies. Billions of monetary support for developing infrastructure and resources were spent. What for? Just to see Humanity survive and the world could be made a peaceful place to habitat. India very recently spent nearly 3- 4 Billion dollars in Afghanistan for building Road, Building and Salma water dam.

But the extent of hate in these societies can be gauged from a lone example, where Taliban are making all attempts to destroy this Salma dam. Imagine the stupidity and self-destruction they have been fended for all these years.

US army withdrawal from Afghanistan was a turning point. Following the same in Iraq would accelerate the challenges. World can witness from a distance when Society turns suicidal. Abject poverty, epidemic and man-made catastrophic end are not far away.

The plight of innocent Childs, women and ignorant individuals will be heard in vacuums to the delight of their own conspirators.

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