Rahul Gandhi has tweeted 48 times on China issue, 37 times he says China has killed Indian soldiers, not even once he mentions that Indian Army has killed Chinese

Rahul Gandhi is using the language of Global Times, Chinese Communist Party Mouth peace.

Rahul Gandhi is acting very weird since India and China conflict has started. he is repeatedly trying to make it a point that India stand defeated and Indian forces are badly beaten by China at Ladakh.

Establishing that India has some blunder and China is some very smart super power has become the sole purpose of Rahul Gandhi life these days.

in fact Rahul Gandhi, who generally comes out in public only once in 2 months , is now everyday releasing his sub standard videos to repeat the same points, India stand defeated and Indian forces are badly beaten by China at Ladakh.

Rahul Gandhi has gone to the level of insulting Indian forces as he only mention the deaths of brave Indian soldiers in Ladakh during a conflict with China early in July 2020.

As a matter of fact, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted around 48 times on India China conflict and out of 48 tweets, 37 times he tweeted only to highlight that Indian soldiers are killed by China.

what is more shocking is that not even once Rahul Gandhi has mentioned the fact that Indian soldiers have killed more Chinese soldiers and some reports says that more than 100 Chinese soldiers were killed by Bihar regiment and Sikh regiments of Indian Army.

Rahul Gandhi conveniently forgets to mention the bravery of Indian soldiers. The question is Why? Why Rahul Gandhi is forced to openly bat for China? Why Rahul Gandhi is going out of his way to come out everyday and tell the world that India is wrong and China is right? Who is controlling Rahul Gandhi? Is China doing same to Gandhi family what it did to Oli in Nepal? Is Gandhi family vulnerable to Chinese tactics? Are there some hidden secrets related to Rahul’s secret foreign visits or that secret treaty that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has signed with Chinese Communist Party when UPA was in power?

Remember during the all party meeting with PM Narendra Modi, it was only Sonia Gandhi who stood against the Govt on issue of China. Even close congress allies like Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee etc. have also supported the Modi Govt. on China issues.

What is the compulsion of Gandhi family to stand against Indian forces and to openly support China? Is Gandhi family trapped by China? How China can so easily remote control a family that has ruled India for almost 70 years. Sadly, these are some serious questions that every Indian household is discussing these days.

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