Success of a Society depends upon knitting pieces of resources and building blocks of strength. Yes it is building institutions to be precise.

Sanatan had its share of glorious days when the society allowed the Social leaders to mobilize masses under one roof to build institutions and Social Philosophy. Some of the great thoughts like Ajivika, dvaita, advaita vishishtadvaita and Charvaka Philosophy shaped our Social order. Some of the best books and religious writing were authored in this era.

Later on the Bhakti era and emergence of so many saints in different geography were another illustration of golden days, when Saints like Swami Samarth Das motivated Shivajee to stand up against the oppressor. Despite odds the Bhakti era Social institution kept nurturing and guiding the Hindu Society.

Quite late Arya Samaj, RSS, VHP displayed the grit and trust in building organization on Hindu Sanatan Value. But if we look at the scope and opportunity onward, Hindu have been found to be squabbling and too complacent in recent decades.

Squabbling for petty gain and self-pride. And complacent on account of materialist advantage. Yes the Social leaders who are heard or who have means to make themselves heard are too busy in protecting their self-interest. The interest could have Social, Political and materialistic connotations. But it is. It is a sad fact.

The poison of Caste had crept into the system. British and later on Indian Constitution institutionalized this. The division and animosity became a lot visible. The narrative was built around narrow gain. The prejudice is such that they cannot sit together. Caste insinuation and moral perversion is now normal.  

Examine your peers. Look at the others. Given the precision in organization building ability which has been displayed over the last century by the other faiths, Can Hindu claim to be at an advantageous situation going forward. Look at the finance and its distribution network among Islamic and Christian Society. They mean it where every small pie if collected is disbursed through an internal system. It has the sole aim to promote and expand religion. It should be a news to many, that the Church in India has the largest land holding after the railway. And how has that been acquired by them? If you consider the Waqf property and its utilization across the cities, it has been so advantageous to their community.

Never ever a Hindu Society could muster courage or organize intellectually to raise the question of these illegal acquired land property. Today in missionary school Hindu kids are taught pages of Bible and yet there is no uproar, While you cannot teach a page of Shri Bhagwat Gita or Ramayan in School to Hindu Kids till date.

Where are the Social and religious institutions working for Hindu cause?

Look at the more outrageous status of Hindu temples. Compare how has Hindu Society has failed to protect the Temple, and its resources against other religious group activism. Till date forget mobilization, it has yet to evolve a consensus about priesthood right. Temple movement in Hindu Society is not about claiming the Sheet of   learning and Bhakti but for Social hegemony. And such a sense of exclusivity weakens the entire effort.

It is shameful. The Exclusive group and self-proclaimed group had ensured that the system and institution either did not get into shape or did not remain dynamic.

A resource-less organization is always weak and timid. Objective before the Social leader among Hindu society is written. Ordinary Masses have been appeased to follow the poison spread by Social leaders in the name of Caste, region and language. Division is obvious.

It is high time, Hindu Social leaders overcome their exclusivity and rise over their narrow mindset.  It is specially the duty of so called Sanskritized leadership to shun their fake notion of superiority. Temple should have been developed as a place of intellectual and social participation. Priesthood should be democratized through common opportunity. No entitlement and nothing by Birth.

Small local organizations should be knitted together in pyramid shape to connect to a central authority. The Philosophical and Spiritual guidance to the central leadership should offer it intellectual authority. It should give direction to the Society on the whole. Social participation would certainly contribute and augment the organizational revenue. Assets lying dead and meaningless with temples and Hindu institutions should be used for the welfare of masses and spreading Hindu.

The writing on the wall is there. If not today never tomorrow.​

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