The FAKE Gandhis are at it again.  This time they are trying their best to overthrow Amitabh Bachchan’s voice as being promoters of Indian tourism.  Pappu and Pappu-in-a-dress seem to be taking a type of trip which unemployed graduates take often with the purpose of ‘finding themselves.’ 

The brother-sister duo is being primed by their respective PR teams to pose with the dark natives.  Pappu in a dress is 49 years old and Pappu is 50 years old.  Yet, they are being pushed on Indians as ‘youth icons.’  There is nothing youthful or genuine about these fake Gandhis.

They have been duping the Indian public and the world for quite some time now.  However, thanks to social media, they have become objects of entertainment and ridicule.

Featured: Pappu’s Abs

Useful idiot aunties are drooling over Pappu’s abdominal muscles and a handful of uncles are drooling over female Pappu’s light skin.  The misfits are acting like they are outsiders, posing with the dark natives.  The irony is lost on very few and those who are accompanying the duo in their post-puberty journey have openly admitted to being paid to hang out and act out scenes like jumping in the ocean.  

Obsessed with TEA in Assam

Thus far some of the highlights have come from Pappu, who has managed to insult northern Indian voters and given his stamp of approval to the more sophisticated, southern voters in hopes of winning from the South.  Female Pappu has managed to take dips in holy rivers and pranced around with garlands around her neck as if she’s an incarnation of a devil devi herself.  Both the Pappus have managed to talk about the chai image of India in subtle and non-subtle ways.  Pappu Rahul seems to be endorsing the “best tea” while never having taken a sip of it while the cameras roll on.  Female Pappu has found herself harvesting young tea leaves and throwing out the good and keeping the bad leaves.  

These stunts are not fooling anyone.  Though Pappu seems to be genuinely fooled by his own delusions.  

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