Starting from putting a ban on Mr. Donald Trump’s official twitter account during 2020-U.S presidential election to help in the formation of “Brand Biden” without any violation till marking graphics of tweets made by news channels and agencies as “Sensitive Contents” which contains only a simple picture reated to a news story , the leftist “Blue Bird ” has crossed all it’s limits and violating the laws made by Govt. Of India and continuing. Everyone should know that infornt of certain “IDEOLOGY” Twitter broke it’s own terms and conditions. Just to recall back i would like to inform to our readers that on November 16,2017 twitter stopped it’s account verification program in India. Presently according to official website of Twitter, It’s planning to start again the account verification program in India but it’s not yet started. Here our readers will be surprised to know that Twitter CEO Mr. Jack Dorsey is gifting verified badge to some twitter accounts secretly so that no one knows about it. Twitter’s official website contains some specific criteria which a User / Twitter Handle must meet in order to get their account verified. But in reality the criteria seems to be something different :

• A person must spread fake news.

• A person must spread hate speech.

• A person must promote riots and should disrespect India’s Flag.

• A person must destroy public properties.

• A person must speak not only against the Govt. Of India but also against the country.

• A person must promote mass gathering during the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic.

• A person must be connected with terrorist / Anti-India Organizations like SFJ . 

Reportedly a few months back Mr. Rakesh Tikait and Mr. Naresh Tikait (Tikait-Brothers) were gifted with verified badge by Twitter CEO Mr. Jack Dorsey. Tikait Brothers claims that they are farmers but from past many months they have been trying to promote riots in the name of so called ” Kisan Mahapanchayat ” in various states.

 On one side Tikait-Brothers are spreading misinformation about farm laws brought by the central government as well as gathering thousands of people during the Covid-19 crisis in India. While on the other side there are many journalists who are risking their lives , working 8 -12 hours a day and covering stories from ground to keep people informed about the world round the clock. Presently journalists are not only fighting with Mis-information but also more with the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic as well as with the so called “Politicians” who spread fake news and false narratives about Covid-19 to set their political agenda across the country. According to present scenario journalists are working in more dangerous conditions than the so called “Farmer Leaders” of the so called “Farmer Unions”. But here Twitter CEO Mr. Dorsey gave more priority to the people who tried to set their political agenda in India during the deadly Covid-19 pandemic than the people who fought with misinformation and more with the deadly pandemic. Here the question arises :

• Why were the two people (Tikait Brothers) given more importance by Mr. CEO Twitter than the fourth pillar of democracy ?

• What was so special Mr. CEO Twitter about the so called “Farmer Leaders” that you are desperately fighting for ?

• Is “Freedom of Speech” really FREE or SUBJECT TO MARKET RISK at Twitter ?

• Why Twitter had to take an U – turn on the terms and conditions made by it for a country comprising of 134 crore people in front of the personal interest of two so called “Farmer Leaders” ?

• What’s the so called “Ideology” is Twitter following for its operation in India ?

• Why Mr. CEO Twitter wants to get involved in politics in an indirect manner instead of forming a political party ?

Hope Mr. CEO Twitter have courage in his spine to answer the questions above. 

As a Micro-Blogging company if Twitter would verify all the handles associated with media workers it would be more helpful for the people of India. In a highly populated country like India it becomes more important for people to know the accurate information with proper facts. As Twitter is operating in India and around the world so it’s the responsibility of Twitter to work for it. 

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