Pakistani news channel with over 2 million subscribers calls for Jihad against Israel, says US ‘chairman’ Joe Biden slapped Muslims,” OpIndia, May 17, 2021:

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, a Pakistani news channel by the name of ‘Bol News’ has called upon its Muslim brethren to unleash ‘Jihad’ against the Jewish State. The programme titled, “Time for Jihad Israel Vs Palestine” was aired on Sunday (May 16).

At the very onset, the show host Noor ul Arfeen said, “While I am talking to you, the biggest human tragedy of the world is underway (referring to the bombing of Hamas targets by Israel Defense Forces). Before I talk about this situation further, let me remind you what does the Quran advises the Momins [believers] to do in such a situation.” Highlighting the 9th chapter of the Quran, Surah-e-Tauba, he talked about Islam’s directives on doing Jihad.

“Whatever I will say today will be from the perspective of my religious affiliation to Islam. I have no allegiance to international relations or obey the guidelines of public interest. You can see several verses of Surah-e-Tauba and its interpretation on the screen. He gives a call for Jihad in the pursuit of Allah, whether light or heavy. This is the message of Allah for all Muslims”, he emphasised.

Noor-Ul-Arfeen lamented that the Muslims in the world say that they are bound by international relations and treaties and thus not ready for Jihad. Further highlighting the 4th chapter of the Quran, Surah-An-Nisa, he said, “Muslims, why don’t you see the atrocities committed on helpless women and children? Is there no true Muslim leader who can stop the hands of those who lust to rule the world? This is by far the deadliest attack in Gaza that has martyred more than 150 people.” <– watch video here (Video Courtesy: Youtube/Bol News)

Instead of referring to the military forces as ‘Israel Defence Forces (IDF), the news anchor chose to call it ‘Jewish Defence Forces’. The objective behind doing so is to stir the anti-Jewish sentiment that exists among the Muslims in Pakistan. Noor-ul-Arfeen did not condemn the Islamist terror outfit Hamas even once and chose to weave a ‘sob tale’ based on unverified videos that he had received from unknown sources on his phone. He also lamented how the Jewish forces attacked the Al-Jazeera office and how all of it was a wake-up call for Muslims around the world to do ‘Jihad.’

Pakistani news channel confuses Joe Biden as US ‘Chairman’ [perhaps an iliterate chinese helped the tV program?]

In his unhinged vitriolic rant, Bol News anchor forgot that Joe Biden is not the US Chairman but the President of the United States. “The Chairman of United States, Joe Biden, has given a tight slap on the face of Muslims in a display of their utter inhumane nature. This has led to the embarrassment of all Muslims. Biden has dialled the Prime Minister of Israel and said that it is within its rights to secure its border. However, he added that the offices of media organisations must not be targetted.” According to him, Joe Biden thus gave the impression that the lives of ‘innocent Muslim Palestinians’ did not matter.

Despite over 2 million subscribers, the Pakistani news channel and its anchor did not shy away from giving an open call for terrorism, religious hatred and genocide. Shedding all journalistic ethics, Noor-ul-Arfeen announced that Muslims are not bound by international rules and thus must avenge the actions of the Jewish forces. While Anti-Semitism is not uncommon on Pakistani news channels, the Bol News anchor went a step ahead to slam the United, the country Pakistan regularly receives aid from.


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