Friends, do you know the fact: While sitting on your sofa with a pack of popcorn in one hand and a bottle of Pepsi in other and cheering at every ball you are financing the anti national Jihadi forces whose sole aim is nothing less than destruction of Bharat and the great civilization which has survived for millenniums.

Lets understand “How”? Cricket is not a game any more but has become a movie directed by some one.

According to a report in the Indian Express, prime accused in the 2000 match-fixing case, bookie Sanjeev Chawla has made fresh set of revelations to the Delhi Police. In his disclosure, Chawla said, “no cricket match is fairly played and all the cricket matches which people see are fixed”. In addition to that, he said, “a very big syndicate/underworld mafia influences all cricket games and were like movies which are already being directed by someone”. A very big syndicate/underworld mafia is involved in this matter and they are dangerous people and if he says anything they will get him killed.

Hansie Cronje, who had confessed to the King Commission, about his involvement in match-fixing in 2000, died in a plane crash in 2000.

In his book “No Ball: The Murky World of Match Fixing“, Chandramohan Puppala traces cricket’s biggest corruption back to kingpin Dawood himself. For the D-Company, match-fixing was a ‘clean job’. “They only had to ‘fix’ a few players here and there and share the money. That was all. In the black world of crime, match-fixing had come to be known as white-collar business” he writes. Betting in cricket has been part of public knowledge since the 1990s. The police in India have always known about its existence, and there have been occasional raids and arrests that have not occupied more than a single-column space in the daily newspapers, the book, published by Pan, says. “However, it was only in 2000 that betting made it to the headlines, when it ended the careers of former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin and batsman Ajay Jadeja. Match-fixing also spoilt the reputations of all-rounder Manoj Prabhakar and former Indian skipper and Haryana Hurricane – Kapil Dev,” it says.

Till 2003 cricketers would regularly wine-and-dine with mafia lords. By 2010, the windfalls from this cricketing business had reached a critical mass. It had prompted the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) to issue an alert that funding for terror was drying up and the only two options available for the underworld to fund terror were hawala and cricket.

Let me draw the attention to the following incidents:

  1. The South Africa captain (Hansie Cronje) dies in a plane crash. Hansie Cronje had accused Ex-Indian captain Azharuddin of introducing him to the world of spot-fixing. The news remains in mainstream media for a couple of days and then vanishes. Nothing happens thereafter.
  2. Bob Wolmer (the English coach) dies in a hotel in Jamaica. The initial report was that Woolmer had died of a heart attack. Couple of days later Jamaican police confirmed that Woolmer had died of asphyxia via manual strangulation. the news stays in media for few days and then vanishes.
  3. Indian captain Azharuddin was convicted of match-fixing in the match-fixing scandal in 2000. The CBI report states that Azhar was the one to introduce then South African Captain, Hansie Cronje to the bookies.The ICC and the BCCI banned Azharuddin for life based on a report by K Madhavan of the Central Bureau of Investigation. On 8 November 2012, a Divisional Bench of Andhra Pradesh High Court revoked the ban based on the evidence found and verdicted that ban was illegal. Forget being jailed, he went on to became a MP from Congress Party.
  4. Ajay Jadeja was also banned along with Azharuddin, a ban of 5 years was imposed on him. Nothing more happened.

All the above incidents are enough to prove how much the underworld is involved in murky game of cricket. And of course, a chunk of this money goes to fund the terrorists, anti-India NGOs and many other anti-India elements.

If you are watching and enjoying cricket, you are surely sponsoring such elements.

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