At a time when the controversy over installation of loudspeakers at religious places in different parts of the country is increasing, at the same time the UP government has done the work of removing 21,963 loudspeakers from various religious places in the state. Taking action after an order of Yogi Adityanath, so far the sound limit of more than 52 thousand loudspeakers has been reduced. After talking to 30 thousand religious leaders, the police administration has succeeded in implementing such a decision very peacefully, on the implementation of which there was a possibility of protest from the Muslim community.

The best thing seen in implementing this decision was that people of all religions, including Hindus and Muslims, did the work of removing loudspeakers themselves from their religious places. In some places, the loudspeakers were removed with the help of the police administration. But there was no opposition anywhere in the implementation of this entire decision and there was no hindrance of any kind. This could not have happened without the support from every community. In such a situation, the big question is how did the Yogi Adityanath government win the trust of the minorities? Especially considering that some of his decisions have been seen against the minority community.

Yogi proved his credibility

Uttar Pradesh BJP leader Abhijat Mishra told Amar Ujala that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has proved through his administration that his actions are in the interest of the entire state and the entire society. Today, the people of the state are seeing with their own eyes that action is being taken against criminals without seeing caste-religion and without seeing caste-religion, benefits of welfare schemes are being extended to every needy one. This has cleared the confusion of the people of the Muslim community towards the government.

He said that a criminal is only a criminal for every section of the society, people of every community. He sees only his own profit while committing a crime and for him the religion of a person is not important to him. This is the reason that people from all sections of the society were happy when the criminals were acted upon, while the same was being propagated by the opposition parties in the media that the said decision was against a particular class.

‘Yogi Model’ showed the way to peaceful coexistence

The BJP leader said that till now the doubts were being created in the minds of the Muslim community by the opposition parties that the BJP or Modi-Yogi government is not with them. Their actions are against some class and with some class. But the way loudspeakers have been removed from all religious places including temples and mosques, it has been proved that the government is not discriminated against any section on issues of public interest. He said that the ‘Yogi Model’ has shown a path to the country in which all the societies can live with the spirit of peaceful coexistence and move forward on the path of development.

Best step if there is no discrimination

Senior advocate MR Shamshad in the Supreme Court told Amar Ujala that such action of any religion should not be supported, which causes trouble to other people of the society. In this sense, whether it is a temple or a mosque, a loudspeaker playing loudly in any religious place cannot be called right. It should be welcomed if the government treats people of all religious communities equally and implements the rule of no noise in the same way in marriages, religious programs or other occasions.

This doubt should be removed from the mind of Muslims.

Advocate MR Shamshad said that there is deep doubt in the mind of Muslims towards the administration and police of the country. They feel that Muslims are forcefully targeted while taking action. This doubt creates distrust in their mind towards any government scheme. But if the government tries to remove doubts from the minds of minorities, then all sections will get cooperation in its noble cause and this will enable us to move towards a better society.

Message of peace emanating from Juma prayer

Vinod Bansal, the national spokesperson of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, said that the Supreme Court had in 2005 ordered to fix the sound limit of loudspeakers. But for 17 years till now, no government had dared to implement this order of the Supreme Court. He said that the Yogi Adityanath government should be thanked for the fact that after 17 years, they implemented the Supreme Court order very successfully and no voice was raised against it. Vinod Bansal said that the last prayer of the month of Ramzan is to be offered on Friday. On this occasion, the same message should be given to the Maulana from all the mosques that the whole community should live in a peaceful manner. For this the sentiments of people of all religions should be respected.

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