NDTV Journo Gargi Rawat, sister in law of now incarcerated Mukhtar Ansari, (who as per Wikipedia is a Gangster turned Politician ) famously took a public swipe at Baba Ramdev for his negative views on homosexuality and Gay marriages.

Mrs. Ansari has been a vocal supporter of LGTB rights calling out those who oppose LGTB and their marriage and rights .

But Miss Pro LTGB rights crusader stays expectedly silent when her husband , openly disclosed that he will never support LGTB or their marriage as it is against his faith.

So Mrs. Ansari , here is my question to you , why NOT call out , mock , demean those close to you , beginning with your husband who does not accept LGTB ? Charity begins are home ? Mrs. Ansari , I am shocked at the views of your husband on LGTB that too in 2021 , that too after claiming to be a highly educated person , when he regularly berates low IQ Sanghis . Why don’t you educate him , guide him towards science, the rights path , towards being tolerant . I mean how Sanghi to be so intolerant right? I mean 2021, wake up . In all WOKE world, he would be termed HOMOPHOBIC and cancelled right ?

How about a tweet, I am shocked that Yusuf Ansari , a highly educated persona (or so he claims) is against LGTB and LGTB marriages in 2021 . I am shocked such an anti LGTB person was a Congress candidate in UP elections. I am shocked that Sonai Gandhi chose such an anti-LGTB to write a book on her. Who would have thought ?

If , I am not mistaken, Aligarh Muslim University was started by family members of your Husband? So why not call them out publicly as well, like you did to Baba Ramdev.

Also for your information , Muslim and Christian groups have filed petition in SC AGAINST decriminalization of Article 377 . Why not call them out as well.

Considering you are so quick to Mock Baba Ramdev, Indian Govt for anti LGTB stand , quicker to applaud countries where Gay marriages are legal, then you should also call out religious, people who take anti LGTB stand.

Your husband has also made absurd statements w.r.t LGTB , Mrs. Ansari , why not call that out on Twitter ?

Call out Muslim org , Christian Orgs , people who oppose decriminalization of Article 377. I DARE YOU. Oh, wait you will not dare because you will be termed Islamophobic, anti-minority, Hindutva fascist Sanghi, everything you mock on a daily basis.

How about a tweet calling the tweets by your husband absurd. I DARE YOU . If not , then you are neither an LGTB ally , a WOKE liberal , secular but just a cheap HYPOCRITE .

You have a problem when Baba Ramdev does not support gays or gay marriage ?

I know a holy book followed by billions (including your self proclaimed husband who gives Gyan on Twitter like know it all einstein ) , where it clearly mentions that Gay , lesbians, Transgenders needs to be killed .

The Palestine you support against FASCIST Israel , kills gays because it is written in Quran . These LGTB Palestinians run to Israel for asylum. DAMN SO MUCH FASCISM NOT . https://genderandsecurity.org/projects-resources/research/nowhere-run-gay-palestinian-asylum-seekers-israel

The terrorist organization ISIS , the same ISIS which your stupid NDTV calls ACTIVISTS and workers, throws gays off buildings because it says in the books they follow . So dear call them out , I DARE YOU. Call out all countries where being LGTB is punishable by death (FYI ALL Islamic countries), just like you applaud all countries which allow Gay marriages. You publicly applaud those who are Pro LGTB then you should also PUBLICLY criticize those who are anti LGTB or HOMOPHOBIC.I CHALLENGE YOU . Oh wait there will be a fatwa against you and “Sar Tan se Juda” calls aginst you from the people belonging to religion of peace , the non intolerant non Sanghis . OUCH . SO MUCH SECULARISM. Slow claps. You remind me of all Animal rights activists who pontificate on Holi, Diwali , Makar Sankranti about animal rights , veganism, pollution and then post pics of eating HALAL meat Biryani and dairy Milk sewai made in non vegan ghee .

Cookie Cutter conditional CONDITIONAL activism .

Police investigate anti-gay Bible verse carved into fence | king5.com

No Hindu verse says ANYTHING negative about homosexuality .

I know you will not because you do not have the spine or courage to speak the truth when it comes to other religions. Also you will lose your membership of the “SECULAR , LIBERAL, SECULAR “private members club where the fee is paid in unhinged Hinduphobia while staying hypocritically silent when it comes to other religions. Such a patented trademark of all seculars in India. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. I mean how do you live with yourself knowing that you are such a cheap and obvious hypocrite. And that too on loop every day. If Baba Ramdev does not approve of LGTB, he is to be mocked but if your husband does that , it becomes his personal choice? WHAT DOUBLE STANDARDS.

Given the fact , that you leave no opportunity to call out the “Sanghi Types” , why don’t you call out the Islamic Types who openly advocate the death penalty for LGTB , or file petition against the decriminalization of 377 or Islamic countries where punishment for being LGTB is death? there is a type for likes of you “Hypocrite Types”.

Oh BTW please tell your (colonizer , genocidal ) Mughal loving Husband that MANY Mughals , starting from Babur were gay . I mean how blasphemous to idolize those who have been condemned in Holy Quran .The very illegally constructed Babri Masjid that Muslims in India were battling for was named after the gay lover of Babur . Zina Much .
Idolize Mughal Shahjahan who used to have sex with his own daughter ? A man who died due to overconsumption of Opium. Last i checked homosexuality, sex with daughter and drug consumption were all banned as per Quran. So why does your husband who claim to be a pious Muslims and follows Quran idolizes such men who did all wrongs ? Blasphemous .

Francois Bernier wrote, ” Shah Jahan used to have regular sex with his eldest daughter Jahan Ara. To defend himself, Shah Jahan used to say that, it was the privilege of a planter to taste the fruit of the tree he had planted.”


Pin on મુર્તિભંજક

Oh given that your anti LGTB husband is such a fan of (we will establish a Global Islamic caliphate even though our ancestors were Christians/Pagans who were forced to convert to Islam ) Turkey, please ask him to translate these verses showing such rather explicit visuals from a painting in Turkey . Was that a norm in Islamic Turkey ?https://greekcitytimes.com/2021/06/01/turkish-dna-project-greeks-turkified/

The DARKEST SECRET about Mughal King Babur which no one wants you to know!

So miss conditional LGTB ally , conditional anti LGTB callout secular lady , I wondered what would be your reaction to my post :-

  1. Call me a gaumutra drinking bhakt. (Yawwwwnnn)
  2. Call me a paid 2 rs IT cell troll (yawwwnn) .
  3. Say that , it is his personal choice and I can’t do much. Well in that case it is the personal choice of Baba Ramdev , Why call him out . Oh wait he is a Hindu , a BJP ally, so you need to . DAMN SO BIGOTED.
  4. Take me to court for writing this post . But then will that not go against the same Freedom of Expression that you WOKES battle for . I mean this is just a public opinion on your public opinions. If you can have public opinion and call out people for their public opinion , so can I right ? or is FoE a bastion only for the WOKES and lesser non wokes like me are treated like untouchables in this elite club ? OOPS that would be so hypocritical yet AGAIN . Anyways if you want to take me to court , I will be more than willing to .

Oh yes on a parting note , Akbar the Great was also a great rapist . Here is a painting from Jaipur depicting how he wanted to rape a Rajput princess. He went covered in a Burqa to the zenana wing and tried to kidnap her and she almost killed him. Or is rape or attempted rape by Mughals not a crime, but a matter of fact? Hmm.

Why was Akbar considered as the best ruler in the Mughal period although he  did not fight for a single war? - Quora

And yes, if I ever see you take pot shots on any being ANTI LGTB or calling anyone out, I will call you out again and expose your hypocrisy. Miss SECULAR, LIBERAL activist one has to be neutral in supporting or calling out when related to a cause , because if that is conditional and not impartial on any basis (be it caste , class, religion, or political affiliations ) then neither are your an activist or secular, then you are just a cheap hypocrite who is using the facade of activism to target certain people, community while saying expectedly SILENT when it comes to other communities. CHEAP HYPOCRITE.

Also, I found this bunch of homosexual erotica from the Mughal period, but all writing is in Arabic or Farsi. Since your husband is so knowledgeable in these languages, please ask him to translate them.

Mughals also had sex dolls way before anyone, I mean how futuristic.
Having sex with animals, damn where is Peta ?

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