The story of Bundelas is long and bloody because this is the story of demise of a dynasty that forged a kingdom in blood. This is the story that defined Shahjahan's reign, introduced the jihadi Aurangzeb. This is also the story of the rise of two implacable enemies who would nearly destroy the mughal empire in the north.

5 Hindu Hero Kings that fought Islamic Kingdoms that every Real hindu should know about | अपने बच्चों को इन हिन्दू राजाओ के बारे में अवश्य सिखाये अगर असली हिन्दू बनाना है तो

But there have also been other great kings who took birth in times when India and hindus needed warriors and heroes to save its civilization from Islamic invaders like Mughals and Turks. In this article we would look at 5 such Rajput Kings who took charge in situations like these and became immortal heroes of Hindu history. I suggest you to visit the links in the list below to learn about them.

Undefeated hindu kings