5 Hindu Hero Kings that fought Islamic Kingdoms that every Real hindu should know about | अपने बच्चों को इन हिन्दू राजाओ के बारे में अवश्य सिखाये अगर असली हिन्दू बनाना है तो

But there have also been other great kings who took birth in times when India and hindus needed warriors and heroes to save its civilization from Islamic invaders like Mughals and Turks. In this article we would look at 5 such Rajput Kings who took charge in situations like these and became immortal heroes of Hindu history. I suggest you to visit the links in the list below to learn about them.

Undefeated hindu kings

Need for an online hindu takeover to counter Liberal/leftist propaganda against hindus: How you can help and whom to suport

With the rapid digitization of India and everything moving to the internet. Internet has also become a new battleground of ideologies and narratives. On one hand we have Western-owned Liberal media companies that have mostly been working with an agenda to erase Hindu culture and label hindus as backward,illiterate people to the world. They have help of big bollywood celebrities of I

Why Hindus need to rewrite their history to expose the communist-marxist education system of India that has been anti hindu and pro Islamic Invaders.

When the Britishers had observed the ancient Indian education practices and sytems such as Gurukuls, they had understood that to destroy India they had to first destroy our systems of imparting education that made it impossible to brak india for them while they flourished. So they started convent schools, converted large sections of populations of hindus to christianity and taught Hindus self hatred for their culture and how British culture and the christian faith were superior to everything indian. The roots of the modern indian education system lies in these systems.