In 1835 Mcauley said this in British Parliament:-

“I propose that we should replace ancient education system of India , and replace it with English education system.”

When the Britishers had observed the ancient Indian education practices and sytems such as Gurukuls, they had understood that to destroy India they had to first destroy our systems of imparting education that made it impossible to brak india for them while they flourished. So they started convent schools, converted large sections of populations of hindus to christianity and taught Hindus self hatred for their culture and how British culture and the christian faith were superior to everything indian. The roots of the modern indian education system lies in these systems.

It continued fully fledged till 1947 . But even after independence the indian governments (Congress ) always put forth the western sysyems , further destroying the indigenous sytems like gurukuls etc. Another disasterous policy was to allow the ultra-communist “intellectuals” to take control ofuniversities and big institutes that systematically degraded indian / hindu kings and appreciated and idolized the foreigner Muslim/Islamic invaders.

If one understands this ,he can easily understand why There is a strong Anti India and Anti Hindu movement in institutions like JNU and Jamia Millia Islamia.

Modern education system of independent India has been creating breaking-india forces

Unfortunately, instead of stopping this successive governments have only furthered this hinduphobic agenda because of vote bank politics and muslim votes. It was only after 2014, when narendra Modi came to power that the full extend of indoctrination and brainwashing of indian youth that goes on in these colleges and universities was exposed.

What Should we Do to fight This :

In the age of internet , the whole world is very fast becoming aware of the dangers of Islamism and communism, so it is pretty clear that internet has the power to not only expose the indian islamists and leftist – communist brigade but also lead a surge of Hindu Nationalism that can save our country.

I urge all of you to start blogs, youtube channels, instagram and facebook pages about indian history,culture, battles and glory of indian warriors so The cruel, bigoted and extremist elements of our country hiding behind “intellectualism ” can be exposed.

There are already many great blogs like , myindiamyglory etc that are trying to do this.It is our duty to support them, donate to their cause and share the content with our young generation so they dont fall in the trap of anti india forces.

Stories of battles which Indian warrior fought and won or where they were cheated and defeated by barbaric islamic invaders must be made popular. Stories of kingdoms which always defeated mughals, and never were defeated like Uttarakhand’s garhwal, Assam’s Ahom etc must be told.

Here is the heroic uttarakhand queen’s story who humiliated the Mughal king shah jahan. Read it here .

Also even in North -east , hindu warriors have defeated mughals and other islamic invaders many times. Everyone should remember how Great King Prithu of assam took revenge from bakhtiyar khilji for the destruction of nalanda and defeated him and ended his career of conquests. If you dont know about it, read here :King Prithu vs Khilji

Heroes like Prithviraj Chauhan,who defeated the invading Ghori many times but let him go(read it here) , the Rajputs ,Sikhs, Marathas, who fough valiantly must be remembered. Hhindu kings like Hemu-the great who have not gotten enough attention should also be remembered.

Because we know,

Those who dont learn from history are doomed to repeat it

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