With the rapid digitization of India and everything moving to the internet- From businesses to entertainment ,news, education etc, internet has also become a new battleground of ideologies and narratives.

On one hand we have Western-owned Liberal media companies that have mostly been working with an agenda to erase Hindu culture and label hindus as backward,illiterate people to the world. They have big budgets, and the help of big bollywood celebrities of India,who on their behalf do” designer-activism”-like Priyanka Chopra, who doesnt like Diwali patakhas(firecrackers) but loves the same on New years and christmas. These influencial mouthpieces of the leftist-hindu hating idealogies have in the past been sole kings of the online world. Spreading their propaganda as they want and demeaning India.

On the other hand we have some newly formed India-based organisations like Kreately, OPindia,Swarajya that work to bring the REAL news of India to the world. They not only work to report crimes that the ” secular ” media houses dont report to show but also help in forming a Hindu Ecosystem where exchange of ideas can take place.

It is because of these organisations that the modern Indian youth and aged, men and woman, hindus of all age groups are waking up to the reality of India and knowing the nexus of enemies of India- from islamists,to christian missionary mafia to communists.

Instagram and facebook are other big platforms where majority of people spend their time and get influenced and get to know about the world events, news etc. There has been a great improvement of pro-hindu pages that are spreading awareness there.

There are a lot of smaller websites that are also doing their part on bringing Indian history, stories of Forgotten valor and bravery of our Indian warriors to the new generation. These are Websites like Dharmayudh.com where everyday less-known & forgotten stories of Hindu warriors and kings are shared-from prithviraj chauhan to Prithu of Assam-who ended Bakhtiyar Khilji (Click to know who he was). The stories that have been ignored by our secular “historians” and need to be told.

Dharmayudh.com – created with the aim of bringing forgotten Hindu history stories of victories to next generation Indians.Click HERE to VISIT.

People like TrueIndology on twitter help a lot too, by shining light on facts of hinduism, clearing misconceptions, and calling out hinduphobic academia and intellectuals who peddle false news.

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