Could Twitter be banned in India?

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has clarified that if half of the government is on Twitter including the prime minister of India as well...

Twitter Land Dictator General Admiral Abladeen Bans Trump But Promotes Paedophilia?

A Lawsuit filed against Twitter by National Center On Sexual Exploitation on behalf of victim of child sexual abuse accused Twitter of repeatedly telling the victim of child sexual abuse that a video of his ordeal circulating on Twitter did not violate its policies! Twitter is alleged to have raked in the moolah with ads by allowing exchange of child pornography on its platform by paedophiles.

Tyranny of Digital Colonialism- Censoring Free Speech

Censoring of Right Wing Free Speech in America by neo-colonial BigTech Giants serves as a wake up call for Indian nationalists. Time for India to regulate these draconian Tech Giants and develop its own Tech Giants with Internet and Social Media Platforms.

How to tackle the Big Tech giants the India way

India is not the US. The Indian state has way more powers and it can theoretically ban these tech giants in one go if it wanted to. This threat of losing a market of over a billion users is a threat these tech giants cannot ignore. The Indian government has to realise their position of strength.