I saw the news about Manish Maheshwari , Twitter India MD telling Delhi Police that he is NOT the MD of Twitter India and merely a Sales Head . Oh dear , do you really think people are fools ? I mean , we live in the age of Internet , where every details, every mews , every event leaves a Digital footprint . And you heading twitter India woudl knwo that ?

So why does your Linkedin profile say MD , Twitter India and not Sales Head Twitter India.

I assume you made your Linkedin Profile page . You even shared news about you being appointed Twitter India MD.If this was incorrect , why did you not ask the newspapers to correct it.

And why are you lying on your linkedin profile.

Even your Twitter profile says Twitter India , MD .

WOW , So much for Wharton MBA , where you not only lie openly , but spread fake news (which seems to be a pre requisite for joining Twitter it seems) .

You should be booked for IPC 420 .

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