The repeated display of open hatred for Hindus by an already well established, well organized ecosystem comprising of the unholy trio of evangelists-communists-islamists cabal is only helping the Dharmic ecosystem grow in strength day by day.

Expect the sign of the growing Hindutva – Jai Shri Ram – to be under continuous attack by the leftist cabal in any number of ways in the coming days to target Yogi for 2022 UP general assembly elections and Modi for 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

This gang of thugs whose name should have been ‘The Editors Guilt Of India’ were silent when Arnab Goswami was harassed due to his nationalist stand. But, they want those who willfully spread fake news to disturb communal harmony shielded! These Guilty Editors never feel guilty about their serial hypocrisy.

?What this body of retired or jobless editors meant was : please allow media to continue spreading fake news!

? The state of journalism today, increasing trend of a section of Bharatiya media/ commentators and journalists linking #JaiShriRam to violent events. It is nothing but a sinister game to create a parallel between JaiShriRam & Ola-o-Uber!

?We all men and women who grew up during 80s and 90s associate JaiShriRam with Hindu resurgence in political spectrum. Yes it became a rallying point for everyone who wanted to undo the historical wrongs inflicted on us for centuries.

?Name of Prabhu Shri Ram became a rallying point for Hindu unity & resurgence and “Jai Shri Ram” became synonymous with Hindu ethos.

?When state police of Mulayam singh yadav sprayed bullets on the chest of unarmed RamBhakts, their only weapon before embracing death was JaiShriRam.

?When RamBhakts, within 2 hours, brought down the centuries old symbol of hindu hate, Hinduphobia, denial of the birth place of Prabhu ShriRam to Hindus, it was JaiShriRam that powered them- all without any violence heaped on anyone!

?So much so that JaiShriRam became a preferred way of greeting a fellow Hindu and JaiShriRam could instill sense of confidence of justice, equality and unity amongst Hindus-unity that became a rallying point for Hindus to began looking at power in a serious way to undo the wrongs!

?It was JaiShriRam that made the ascension of men with belief in the Hindu values and Hindu ethos to the seat of Delhi and across capitals in states.

?Unlike Ola-o-Uber, JaiShriRam became a binding force with a calming influence on everyone using it!

?No wonder today one section of media, journalists and commentators are playing this sinister game of making JaiShriRam stick to violent acts – it is nothing but a plan to discredit the slogan that became part of both – peaceful resurgence of political and religious Hindu!

?Onus lies on us Hindus to stop every attempt to label JaiShriRam with any violent act! Use every means at your disposal to bring the guilty to book and ensure that no one ever dare to discredit what is so dear to us & which is a symbol of peace, equality and justice.

?In the last few months, reports of assaults have surfaced with initial ‘news’ being about how people are being beaten up for not chanting JaiShriRam


Here’s List Of Past 20 Attempts To Malign JaiShriRam: The Basis Of Hindu Resurgence


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