The blunder involving termite Niharika Singh and anti-Hindu Kareena Khan.

Bureaucrat Babus are powerful entities

Ministers and elected officials may come and go, but the subject matter bureaucrat is remains within an agency for years and years. Though considered lowly at times, these bureaucrats are very powerful, as they are the front workers. They are the ones who interact bottom-up; they deal with the day-to-day traffic, and are often known to abuse their power. They are also known to make up their own rules which might not necessarily exist in the agency SOP.

Harming International Day of Yoga

June 21st is International Day of Yoga. The Government of India (GoI) is trying its best the world around to utilize this amazing soft power tool – yoga – and promoting activities and cultural events given what yoga brings and benefits as a health practice.

Yoga is proven to be an effective, low-cost health therapy tool and while GoI might be trying it’s best to promote this holistic practice around the globe, hyenas and anarchists, aka urban naxals, leftist liberals or loonies are trying to 1) damage 2) dilute yoga’s importance and promotion.

First they went after Baba Ramdev and Ayurveda and now they continue their campaign against sister therapy – Yoga. Posting the video of Kareena Khan is not a coincidence. The subtle message behind this video is huge and it is supposed to subliminally paint Mrs. Khan as an elite, expert on Yoga whom Indians, (read Hindus) ought to follow. Mrs. Khan is a self-proclaimed deracinated Hindu.  She has often held the stupid anti-Hindu placards in her life and played anti-national characters on screen.  In fact, she’s married a Jihadi and is better known as Taimur ki Ammi.  WHY in the world should she be a spokesperson for Yoga?  There are hundreds of well-known celebs who practice yoga, are fit, and are not against the idea of India. Whichever bureaucrat(s) are part of this grand shadyantra should be fired on the spot.

Same thing about poisonous termite bureaucrat Niharika Singh. This is a bureaucrat who is managing the AYUSH ministry’s social media and Twitter handles. She is busy subverting India’s democratically elected leader day in and out. She still has a job at the Ministry. She too should be fired on the spot.

Diluting India’s Soft Power – who is responsible?

Sigh. Will these termites at AYUSH actually be fired? Why are desi uncles and aunties within the Ministry asleep to this evil nonsense playing out in front of their eyes?

Termites like Singh and spokesperson Khan have no stake in India succeeding. Why is the Ministry wasting tax payer money on promoting anti-India activities?

Modi can’t be everywhere. Who is responsible for the AYUSH fiascos? Where does the buck stop?

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