• 12 weekly Live sessions to understand the root cause of diabetes, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and weight gain.
• Understand your biggest why, intention setting and community support to make long-lasting sustainable change.
• Nutrition education and meal plan focused on balanced blood sugar and maintaining a healthy weight.
• Learn about Functional Medicine Foundational Pillars of health – Diet, Fitness, Sleep, Stress and Relaxation and Hydration and how it impacts our health and blood sugar levels.
• Collaboration with Functional Medicine Doctor (Dr Anish)
• Guidance for comprehensive blood tests (Fasting Blood Sugar, CBC, HBA1c, Lipid Profile, Vitamin D & Vitamin B12) – Education on lab analysis and how to interpret them.
• Virtual cooking demo on how to prepare a healthy meal. It will help stabilize your blood sugar and to lose weight.
• WhatsApp support for support and community.
• Handouts and resources.

Functional Medicine is the approach of seeking and addressing the root cause of disease. It treats the whole system and not just the symptoms.

The approach of the program – It will be a comprehensive and complete program. We will understand the root cause of your chronic disease. Everybody works differently. We will take the intake form to understand where you stand, we will ask for a blood test and check all (Fasting Blood Sugar, CBC, HBA1c, Lipid Profile, Vitamin D & Vitamin B12). We will monitor it throughout the program. If we have to talk one-on-one and customize the program for him or her, we will do it. A medical team will be there to support. We will also give a cooking demo explaining a healthy diet and how to make it.

What will you achieve by end of this program – After three months of the program and if you commit 100% to it that means you will follow our guidance, your blood sugar will start coming down, your cholesterol numbers will start coming down, your BP will start coming under control. Slowly your organs will perform better and there will be a time when you will be able to manage your health very well, also reverse your chronic problem fully. As everybody is different, metabolism work differently, we will continue to work on a tailor-made solution for you to feel 100% better from where you are.

Your investment for 3 months program – Rs. 10,000 (payable to below account). Last date to pay and enrol June 19 for June 21 group coaching. Please confirm once paid so that I can send you the Zoom link and add you to the WhatsApp group.

Payment method – Anita Chitlangia, HDFC – Saving Account, Account # 01501010000920, IFSC – HDFC0000150

Start date – 3 months program starts June 21 7:30pm. Enrollment ends on June 17.

Anita Chitlangia is a National Board Certified (USA) & Functional Medicine (USA) Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She prioritizes the value of a holistic approach and serves to empower her clients to take a proactive and preventative approach to their health. She primarily works with clients experiencing chronic conditions such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and has additionally ventured into weight loss and stress management programs. She is an expert in planning delicious, easy to cook healthy and nutritious meals.

Registration link for group coaching https://tinyurl.com/AnitaCoaching

Health Coach Anita Chitlangia talks with Kapil Mishra ji on how to better control chronic diseases diabetes, cholesterol, BP, weight etc. How you can take charge of YOUR Health via #HolisticApproach, #FunctionalMedicine
Here is the video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxsStYpE7H0


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