Ok so I had my 1st shot (dose) of vaccine !

Had booked through Beware Bahrain app here in Bahrain and got the invite on Thursday evening for the vaccine on Friday afternoon 2:45 – 3 pm.

Reached yesterday by 2:20 pm and was asked at the Gate of the International Exhibition Centre for the type of vaccine. I showed my choice as Covishield, the Indian vaccine and was directed to designated Hall.

I showed my appointment details at the Reception and was given a slip showing my number. The number on display in the screen was 340 odd when I came in and took a seat and mine was past 400. Around 4:15/4:20pm, I got my call.

Had worn a half sleeve jacket and full sleeve shirt which can be easily pulled up but was informed the point for jab was way up so had to take off both the jacket and shirt.
Had kept my fist tight but was asked to slacken and was told to take a deep breath. Before even I realised, was told it’s over. Even a mosquito bite pricks more !

Here, I had a choice of vaccines :

  1. Pfizer
  2. Sinopharm
  3. Covishield

Some people asked me why I hadn’t chosen Pfizer. (Well, Sinopharm was out of consideration after its review in CNN )

So listing here the points why I didn’t go for Pfizer and went for Covishield :

1) As per information available only American Mission Hospital has the option for Pfizer and waiting period is 15-20 days

2) Pfizer storage required at -70 to -75 degree centigrade. Slight temperature changes (upwards) can render the vaccine compounds ineffective. I didnt want to go for a vaccine which has so many conditions attached

3) Indian option Covishield was available and I’m helplessly patriotic. You can take me away from India but not the other way…Nas Nas me Bharat !

I was on some Zinc / Multivitamin tablets and amino acid satchets. Stopped the same more than 72 hours prior to taking the vaccine. And haven’t taken the medication ever since.

After my jab, was asked to wait for 15 minutes. My details were entered in the Vaccine Certification book and I was asked to leave shortly afterwards.

Any side effects ? Well nothing immediately after taking the vaccine. But a day afterwards (today) having mild headache and body pain. Hmm so my immune system getting to fight the intruder (Vaccine) in the system. As I have read and understood, post 2-4 weeks after the second dose, antibodies shall be produced which shall be equipped to fight any future bout of Covid19 !

For those in here or in GCC countries, please dont wait. Go for the vaccine registration immediately. For others, whenever the vaccine registration opens in your country or locality, just go for it.

Better be SAFE than be sorry !

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