In recent time if you say crisis or misfortune one name comes to your mind is COVID it destroyed demolished everyone’s life, not a single person you can find who is not affected by it.
When you face tough times or challenges in life, it passed but made you a different person. It seems like everything failed before nature and god we have become fragile and vulnerable.
Best medical facilities failed, the fittest people got infected, you are able go to the moon and come back but you can’t survive in front of moron virus which made our lives worse than hell.
Graveyard crematorium and hospitals have become routine life no mercy from God, may be we deserve it, it crushed economy, business, jobs family education etc


1)Nature and God are above us, you can’t cross them.
2) we heard and read that health is wealth but actually we realised after covid occured…. Every day is a bonus.
3) forgive those friends and relatives who could not share your grief in such times.
4) hygiene and social distancing very important and new normal.
5) work from home is possible and we found a new way to work.
6) being fit is not enough, yoga excercise, gym all failed against corona we have seen fit people got infected
7) this calamity is an opportunity for medical and pharma industry.
8) if any calamity occurs poor are worst sufferers and this not new thing, it hits them hard.

9) we owe to our soldiers now we also owe to our doctors we can’t thank them enough for saving many lives.
10) god has arranged a
special place in the hell who are involved in black marketing of medicine, oxygen, and injection and other stuff.
still everything is not as dark and gloomy, so many people organisation, societies, companies are helping people,social media is flooded with such messages to help people.

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