Follow heart❤? or mind

Do you follow your mind or heart when to take a decision or giving response or doing any act.
Heart is an important part of our body, do you think it can think, do you really think so?
Following heart means you are influenced with emotions like love, anger, hurt jealousy etc.
Following mind means being practical being rational, to think all pros and cons.
I have read somewhere that if you are strong follow your heart if you are weak follow your mind.
You are always told to be practical in life “look before you leap think before you speak.”
Generally we follow our heart when we love someone or for our loved ones or for family members.when you follow your heart it makes you happy.
If you are professional running business, doing job, being head of a company or an organization you are expected to be practical rational and sometimes ruthless because so many things depend on you,
If you have to decide anything for your family members you tend to think in emotional way you are bound to think that I should not hurt them or make them angry, many emotions are involved in such case.

Always Follow Your Mind Can Make You Frustrated Same Way Always Follow Your Heart May Cost You Loss

We need to have right balance while following your heart and mind.

Following your heart makes you happy and cheerful but remember the cost you are paying for it.
For example.. You want to become a painter it is your passion and desire your heart is ready but being aware that may be it will not give you enough money, except you are a great and famous painter and your paintings are being sold on high price.
Are you ready to pay the price? are you ready for it? Ask yourself
Now your mind will tell you that it is bit a risky decision, I will do some job to earn money but I will continue my passion on holidays, or in free time. I will follow my heart for some time. And you never know one day you become a great painter your are balancing your heart and mind.

Let’s assume in other way your job is giving you name ,fame , money and you are following your mind, still you feel missing something you are missing the joy of life , so you can follow ur passion your heart in free time. To make yourself cheerful.

At last whether you are following heart or mind always be aware what price are you paying for it and after paying that price are you satisfied.

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