Covid-19 popularly known as Chinese Virus should be the first durable and lasting product having arisen in Chinese laboratory against its well-known notoriety of producing poor quality and low shelf life product.

No doubt, the mutating Covid 19 virus is causing havoc to Science and humanity. The actual number of death and post infection ailments is much more severe than what is being reported in mainstream media. Countries with semblance of governance are still holding their fight, but think of African countries and Poor yet warring Islamic countries with no apparatus of education, research and laboratory are left to their fate.

Amidst such an alarming situation, Where rest the energizing radiating energy of life? The universe the Cosmos has witnessed bigger and much pernicious assault on its inhabitant previously also. Yet humanity survived. 

The Story of Dashavataar (10 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu) depict the journey of Struggle and survival of humanity from single cell water born body Matasya (Fish) to Enlightened human Lord Buddha. The Evolution of life is best to be learnt as explained in the 10 incarnation where living biological life cycle evolves through aquatic to amphibian to Homo- sapiens.

Yes, it is Sanatan Scripture. What else could be better Guide to humanity amidst this chaos and health crisis?

Return to Ved. The sermon of Great Swami Dayanand Sarswati should reverberate in the mind now. The Sanatan Scripture has gifted the Humanity the three invaluable teachings.

  1. Yog
  2. Ayurveda
  3. Ved – Philosophy

Much of the problem of Covid complication, death and horror are intricately woven into the words like comorbidity, health infirmity, poor immunity and unhealthy life style. The high mortality in west and urban society have been researched and documented.

The question is why? What is way out? Who can guide the civilization to right path?

Never raise any finger, cast aspersions on or disrespect at the proven glorious Sanatan teachings. The human ignorance is the root of its vanity. The materialism is a blinding force. We have forgotten and became impervious to the scientific analysis of life as explained in the Vedic Scripture.

Thankfully, Yog and Ayurveda has yet not been forgotten only blissfully ignored. We have adopted wrong choice and practice in our life. The immediate gratification has deafened our ability to listen to the enormous delayed gratification of a disciplined life.

Yog is nature’s gift. The Adi Yogi Lord Shiva blessed Sage Patanjali to compile and teach through famed You Sutra. It is way of life. Yog is set of practices and exercises to design a system where human mind and body can get rejuvenated for a prolonged healthy life. What a gift to the mankind.

Ayurveda is great Sanatan discovery. Sage of repute and immortality like Dhanvantri, Charak and Sushruta collected the gift of Lord Brahma for the healthy human life. The earliest reference of this illusive knowledge has been documented in Atharved. The natural herbs and plants have all the necessary therapeutic supplement for any physical infirmity. Though temporarily lost in the wilderness of artificial life, it has yet not disappeared.

Return to the Vedic Life. Practice Yog. Adopt Ayurved and immersed yourself into the realm of Vedic bliss. World is awaiting you. All sordid tale of misery, disease and tribulation will disappear.

Return to Ved and Vedic Life.  

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