Andhra’s Jagan Crusade Raj, Maris Stella College in Vijayawada is now shockingly forcing women to remove their Mangalsutras and toe rings before entering exam halls.

It is appalling that Christian institutions get away with imposing downright anti-Hindu practices on devout Hindus under the garb of security measures.

The women giving exams were left to tears as for them, unlike the Christians, marriage is not a contract, it is Sanskara.

Hindu women remove their Mangalsutras, toe rings and bindis only when their husbands predecease them. In fact, when women die while their husbands are alive, they are cremated with their Mangalsutra and toe rings.

A Hindu woman’s Mangalsutra is not just a symbol of her marital status, it his her own energies synergized with the all powerful Devis, who bless her and her husband to lead a peaceful and prosperous married life protecting their family with the shield of the divine from the vagaries of life.

There is a concerted effort to demean Hindu traditions, belief systems in the name of rationality and feminism by the leftist media in conjunction with the Christian missionaries. The sham miracles of Teresa and fraudulent faith healing is never questioned by the so-called rationalists. Nor is the Church’s misogyny in declaring Mary a virgin mother of Jesus ever questioned by the feminists or the leftist media. The leftist media and feminists never ask why are women disparagingly referred to as sin and supposed to have emerged from man’s tail bone?

But the Christian missionaries along with the leftist feminists portray the most egalitarian faith of humanity, Sanatan Dharma, as misogynist. Therefore, they like to trample Hindu’s right to practice their faith by subjecting them to illegal procedures like asking devout Hindu women to remove their bindis, bangles, Mangalsutras under the garb of security.

For security purposes, technology is so advanced that they can be put through laser scanners to check for any mischief like implanted devices helping people to cheat in exams.

The practice of imposing illegal rules, like banning them from wearing bindi or vermilion on their forehead, restraining women from wearing chains with Hindu Gods pendants etc. on Hindu students in Christian Convent schools and colleges is very common in Christian missionary schools and colleges in Andhra.

While in the one hand Christian missionaries ban Hindus to even wear bindis in schools and colleges run by them, on the other hand they force Hindu students to attend their school / college Chapel mass and impose Bible on them.

The idea is to de-Hinduise Hindus to the extent that they start hating their own traditional practices and become anti-Hindus with Hindu names. The Church does this conversion of our own children using our own money.

So, even if Hindus try to shun their Christian convents and send their children to truly secular schools or Dharmic schools, these Christian colleges and schools try to impose their Christian lifestyle on our children and young women when they are allotted such Christian missionary colleges or schools as exam centres, which traumatizes them so much that they tend to get unsettled mentally while writing exams.

Mission Kali doing yeomen service in calling out the frauds of such Christian missionaries had reported this issue on social media and tweeted about it which is posted below.

It is heartening that BJP leader Yamini Sharma was the only one who voiced her strong protest against such despicable practices by Maris Stella college and various other Christian missionary schools and colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Mission Kali put out the video of Yamini Sharma, uploaded in YouTube, against this gross violation of human rights and freedom of religion by Christian missionaries in Andhra.

It is surprising, that in India the country where Hinduism was born and crores of people follow Hinduism, Muslims are allowed to take over all public highways, parks, railway stations and airports for their public Namaz as a matter of fundamental right, but Hindu women are not allowed even to sport bindis or wear Mangalsutras, which are symbols of supreme pious divinity! Hinduism is sacrificed at the altar of one sided Secularism and rationality.

The Christian missionaries who indulge in such gross violations of fundamental rights of Hindus should be black listed and closed down by the intervention of the central government’s HRD Ministry as Jagan Crusade Raj which allows demolition of temples by Pastors cannot be expected to uphold rights of Hindus in Andhra.

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