Many politicians and journalists continue to back the Khalistani terrorists and peddle fake news despite the Khalistani mayhem in Delhi on 26 January by brazenly attacking police in Red Fort and other parts of Delhi with bare swords, bamboo sticks, attemping to mow down security forces with their reckless tractors and removing the Indian Tri-colour and replaced it with Khalistani flags.

They are trying to paint the police and security forces trying to contain these Khalistani terror as villains. While several policemen were critically injured by the Khalistanis this cabal is trying to spread fake news that the police shot these goons.

Why are all these disparate elements coming together in support of the Khalistanis by burying their differences and past enmities? Other than their hatred for Modi there is one more major factor which is determining such behaviour.

According to intelligence reports, for the past 10 years several big wigs of the nation are being blackmailed by the Khalistanis forcing them to spread fake news, make baseless allegations and provoke riots.

Many Khalistanis in London, Germany and Canada have supplied in the past 10 years, several well known politicians, journalists and artists, money, women, drugs and expensive vehicles and made video recordings of them in compromised state. Many Big Punjabi artists and politicians are victims of these dirty tricks by Khalistanis to get to toe them their line.

Reportedly, a very famous and senior journalist is said to be a victim of such Khalistani blackmail and so repeatedly spreading fake news that the police shot the protestors. These so-called renowned journalists will continue to lie regardless of the danger of losing their jobs as their dirty videos are with the Khalistani terrorists have made them slaves of the terror outfit.

As per news sources another big politician well known for his weakness for women who is mostly seen in company of women has also become a victim of the Khalistani dirty tricks. This politician is seen these days baselessly tweeting that the police shot the protestor, who actually died in an accident of his own making.

Another politician who plunged into politics with slogans for changing the corrupt system and made allegations of a cozy relationship of all parties, had several times in the past praised the new farm laws, but has suddenly done a U turn on it and started opposing it vociferously. It is said that a video of this politician in Rome with his clothes stripped and dancing by throwing money around is with the Khalistanis.

There is a chatter among intelligence agencies that the well known journalists and artists are so deeply ensnared in the trap of Khalistanis that they can do anything against the nation to try to salvage their reputation in society.

It is advised that these politicians, journalists and artists can come clean about their secret dalliances so that they do not suffer further loss of face and credibility before nationalist citizens and lose their relevance further. Safety and security of the nation cannot be held hostage to indiscretions and personal dalliances of some famous politicians, journalists and artists.



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