The Indu Makkal Katchi Chief Arjun Sampath has urged the Tamil Nadu Minority Welfare Commission to remove Christians as a minority in the list of minorities and add Hindus as minority in Kanyakumari district.

Sampath said this in his petition to the Minority Welfare Commission in the aftermath of assertions by evangelist George Ponnaiah claiming that Christians form 62% of the population in Kanyakumari earlier this month.

Sampath stated in his petition that, “In Kanyakumari district, Hindus have become a minority and Christians a majority. This has been been confirmed in the Census statistics too. Therefore, Hindus should be declared as a minority in Kanyakumari.”

He further exhorted the Minority Welfare Commission to provide protection, privileges and rights available to Hindus like other religious minorities under the law in Kanyakumari. He said that since Christians have become a majority in the district , they should be removed from the list of minorities in Kanyakumari.

Sampath also informed about the plight of Hindus living in Christian majority villages in Kayakumari. He stated, in villages where Christians are in brutal majority in the district, village administration invariably runs under the direction of the Church.

He stated, Church interferes in public affairs and mobilizes people to decide their political choices. Church Pastors decide for people who they should vote for making a mockery of free and fair elections and electoral democracy.

The Church Pastors also run orchestrated campaigns against development policies of Union and State Government by misleading their followers and organising protests orchestrated by forces with vested agenda.

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