Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced that anarchy shall not be condoned under any circumstances. Those who disrupt the state’s peaceful atmosphere should be dealt with harshly. In response to tensions that occurred in Kanpur recently, the Chief Minister directed the Kanpur Police Commissioner to file an FIR against the perpetrators and take harsh action without making any concessions.

On Friday night, Chief Minister Yogi was video conferencing from Gorakhpur to assess the state’s law and order situation. He especially asked about the event in Kanpur and directed that police patrols be increased. In light of the President’s arrival in Gorakhpur on Saturday and Sunday, he directed that vigilance be increased here.

He stressed in the meeting that the administration and police officials in all regions should take any occurrence seriously. As soon as the information is received, prompt action should be taken. According to the Chief Minister, disruptive elements in police stations should be detected. Those who make false or misleading remarks should also be identified, and strict legal action is taken against them. He told the administration and police personnel to crack down on people who abuse social media sites.

The Chief Minister stated that unauthorised religious places that intrude on the road should be brought to light through a district-wide campaign. After the problem has been identified, a legal action plan should be developed. Simultaneously, it should be assured that no religious activities be held on the road. Mics have been removed from religious buildings in the past, or their voices have been diminished through campaigns. It should be ensured that the mike in holy buildings does not get too loud once more.

By June 10, CM Yogi has asked all district police and administrative authorities to clear all highways of encroachment. Tempo stands that aren’t legal should be removed. Buses should be parked in their designated areas as well. Any business owner should avoid opening a shop by the side of the road. Ensure that street sellers are properly rehabilitated. These merchants should also be eligible for the PM Svanidhi Yojana. The ministerial-level group, according to the Chief Minister, will travel on a divisional and district tour starting June 11.


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