Do we Know of Our right to make Decisions About Our Medical Treatment?

A person’s exercise of self-determination and autonomy involves the exercise of his right to decide whether and to what extent he/she is willing to submit himself/herself to medical procedures and treatments, choosing amongst the available alternative treatments or, for that matter, opting for no treatment at all which, as per his or her own understanding, is in consonance with his or her own individual aspirations and values

Is vaccine passport the new identity Card?

It is hoped that the world will go back from the new normal to the old normal once the majority of the population is vaccinated. However the new normal will perhaps introduce us to a new digital identity – Vaccine Passport. A vaccine passport might become the new mandate for travel, work, school and more.

COVID 19 Vaccination: Hope or Hype?

2020 will be remembered not only for a virus that changed our lives, some of our perspectives, our working conditions, health care but also for the fear, the panic, the doubts, the questions and as the year ends, maybe some hope… The ‘hope’ seems to be in a vaccine and there seems to be an unquestionable faith in it. The world seems to be happy with an ‘untested’ vaccine as long getting vaccinated will ensure that they can travel, party and do all the things they could before 2020.