How India saved lakhs of lives & will save millions more from the Covid pandemic

Looking back, Prime Minister Modi's junta curfew and his announcement of the world's strictest lockdown at an early stage when India had just 500 cases proved to be extremely critical. It first helped in reducing the initial spread. This gave ample time to ramp up testing infrastructure, manufacturing of PPE kits, masks, ventilators and other health equipment. But most importantly, it helped in driving the message to the Indians the importance of social distancing, hygiene and the real threat of the virus. And there was no better man to drive this message than Prime Minister himself.

UK Identifies New & Deadlier Coronavirus Strain: As a Preventive Measure India Bans Travel from UK

The Covid-19 pandemic came into India mainly due to travelers from abroad, the UK in particular apart from the huge Islamic Markaz meet in Delhi, which proved to be a super spreader of the virus all across India, the powers that be at the Centre should now at a war footing take steps to ban travel from UK as each flight from the UK could be inviting in the deadlier variety of Covid-19 which is said to be very contagious and severe.