Unbreaking India: A master class in the History of Muslim Politics & A debate ending book on Art 370, CAA

This book is an analytical book of history diving into the uncensored theology of Sufis, repeated mistakes of Hindus, history of Islamisation of Kashmir, the emergence of & constitutionality of Art 370, the necessity of CAA, etc. But the most important aspect is this history has a bearing on our present and our future. Depends on whether we learn from it or not. With the nullification of Article 370 and enactment of CAA, we are moving in the right direction. It is up to you, me and anyone who cares about Bharat that this process of Unbreaking India shouldn't stop because Breaking India forces aren't stopping anytime soon.

Gujarat vs West Bengal: A decade of progress vs an era of misery

The manufacturing sector in Gujarat is over 3.5 times the size of WB. The per capita GDP of Gujarat is more than double that of WB. It's also up to BJP whether they are able to project possibility of real change. Because Didi promised relief from an era of misery a decade ago but the misery continues. Bengal desperately needs another renaissance.

Roots of India’s economic Problems

While our governments have been constantly struggling with increasing capital expenditure of the budget, at the same time many inefficient PSUs are sucking money off the taxpayers and have become white elephants. Disinvestment is the way forward. But we also have a thriving protest economy supported by anti-India elements directly targeted to disrupt every reforms and policy of the government with the sole aim of hampering India's economic progress. Enemies of Bharat don't want it to become Atmanirbhar. This protest economy, we have to destroy and dismantle. Andolanjeevis, your time's up.

How India saved lakhs of lives & will save millions more from the Covid pandemic

Looking back, Prime Minister Modi's junta curfew and his announcement of the world's strictest lockdown at an early stage when India had just 500 cases proved to be extremely critical. It first helped in reducing the initial spread. This gave ample time to ramp up testing infrastructure, manufacturing of PPE kits, masks, ventilators and other health equipment. But most importantly, it helped in driving the message to the Indians the importance of social distancing, hygiene and the real threat of the virus. And there was no better man to drive this message than Prime Minister himself.

Liberal’s Socialist Baiting Of Indian Women: Another Sinister Plot To Destroy Bharat

The Dharmic nature of Bharat provided an environment for women to perform their selfless karma and the selfless karma of women ensured the existence of such flourishing Dharmic environment. Now enter the post-modernists, cultural Marxists in the debate. These people basically reject everything that exists and enable our societies: families, responsibilities, masculinity, femininity, gender and even science also if it doesn't fit their agenda.

How to tackle the Big Tech giants the India way

India is not the US. The Indian state has way more powers and it can theoretically ban these tech giants in one go if it wanted to. This threat of losing a market of over a billion users is a threat these tech giants cannot ignore. The Indian government has to realise their position of strength.

AGORA movie Essay: a powerful glimpse into the Anti-scientific, dark-Brutal history of Christianity

One aspect of this movie which was so beautifully developed was the scientific temper and aptitude of Hypatia. She was questioning the established notions, giant philosophers freely. She was developing new original ideas. She was not just tolerant but respectful to other faiths. She wasn't fazed by insults. She never gave in to the Christian mob and faced them bravely. This all sounds so familiar. Well, this is the story of millions of Hindus who faced the Abrahamic faiths bravely despite losing the political power and then, faced persecutions in their own homeland of Bharatvarsh. There is one learning lesson. Don't become too respectful to the intolerant for the intolerant will take advantage of this and will readily and happily wipe you out at the first instance of gaining power.

Why a Modi out of power will get the best out of Modi in power

Numbers on the ground and show of strength matters. This is how you change the popular narrative. Ramjanmabhoomi Andolan changed the Gandhian-Nehruvian idea of "secular" India and paved way for an Indic renaissance. Modi's election and mass campaigns in 2014 changed the narrative in a big way. But now, Modi ji is the Prime Minister. It's not possible for him to actively take part in the social movements such as Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi case and create mass movements and narratives. Only if there was someone incorruptible like Narendra Modi out of power..