It has been merely 50 years since Bangladesh was liberated courtesy of India particularly the Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Airforce and the Indian Navy. However, Bengalis and mostly the Hindu Bengalis had to pay a heavy price where an estimated 2.4 million Bengali Hindus were killed, a million Bengali women were raped by the Jihadi Pakistani army. Even before 1971, East Bengal had a bloody history of religious violence i.e. jihad against the Kafirs. That’s why in 1905 when the Bengal was mischievously partitioned by the Britishers to appease the Muslims, they were quite successful despite the fact that they had to ultimately reverse this decision under immense pressure from the revolutionaries. Britishers were successful because they had given a blueprint and strength to the Muslims who always had collectively desired to have a Muslim dominated region i.e. an Islamic nation. This sense of being different and superior to Kafirs has been a commonality amongst Muslims across race, geography, language. Of course, the usual argument of “not all Muslims are the same” and the argument of many Muslims protesting against the partition of Bengal will come. I am the strongest supporters of such Muslims who are genuine critics of Muslim politics and who support Bharatiya civilizational nationalism over their Islam and Ummat. But for all practical purposes, such Muslims are extremely rare and irrelevant till now in tilting Muslim politics towards civilisational nationalism. And if they ever climb the ladders of relevance, they usually meet untimely death and elimination.

Coming back to Bengal (both East and West), it is no exaggeration to say that the Bengali Hindus faced one of the worst forms of persecutions and genocide in the 20th century second only to the genocide of Jews by the Nazis. This genocide is still going on albeit in a relatively subdued manner under a democracy. Democracy hardly is a good arrangement to contain Jihad. In fact, democracies around the world have been mostly failures in dealing with Islamic radicalism barring a few exceptions like France. Even France has acted recently when things went too far and out of control. Bangladesh is a democratic country for now. It is one of the very few Muslim majority democracies in the world, at least on paper. Democracy is working in favour of Muslims whether they are in minority or in the majority. Let’s look at the official numbers of Hindus in Bangladesh. It gives a clear picture.

Comparing this to the rampant growth of the Muslim population in West Bengal (and even Assam).

Decadal growth of Muslim population in West Bengal

Emphasising this again, Muslims went up from 19.85 to 27% in West Bengal. At the same time, Hindus went down from 22.05% to 8.54% in Bangladesh!

These are not some small percentage numbers. These are tales of persecution, the genocide of millions and pampering, appeasement, nourishment of the persecutors in the region. You may accuse the author of bigotry, xenophobia and other such fancy woke labels but that won’t change the fact that a demographic war (population jihad) has been going on in the region for centuries. And with the shift of demography in favour of one particular religion, what always follows is the civilizational loss of Bharat both in geographical as well as cultural terms. This is one rule which has no exception.

So what should be the Hindu response to this civilisational war? It has to be an emphatic, multi-dimensional response. I can only make some comments, suggestions and observations.

  • Kinetic defensive-offence action: Indian state should have deployed the Indian Army immediately for the protection of Bangladeshi Hindus. This would have obviously rattled the jihadi forces. And could have led to a short war-like situation with Bangladesh. Such situations could be used as an opportunity to grab Bangladeshi territories and deport illegal Bangladeshi Muslims back to Bangladesh. I am sure this is the last thing the Indian state would do because they are infested with secular, delusional bureaucrats and politicians. It really boggles my mind why India is not capturing Bangladeshi territories when there are millions of Bangladeshi Muslims in India and jihadis have killed millions of Bengali Hindus in just a century. There has to be a price and what better price than reclaiming the lost lands of Bharat.
  • The Balasahab Thackrey doctrine: Years ago once, terrorists and Islamists in Kashmir were threatening attacks on Hindu pilgrims going for Amarnath Yatra. Balasahab famously warned of retaliatory actions against Haj going Muslims from Mumbai. I am not suggesting Hindus to take retaliatory action against innocent Muslims in India. But there are numerous Jihadis in India. Hindus can at least boycott them out of their localities or hand them over to the police. They can trash those who offer Namaz in public places like roads. And strong actions can be taken against illegal Bangladeshi Muslims both by the state and the society.
  • A large scale Ghar Wapsi/Shuddhi movement: There is no escaping this. It’s futile to make organisations like Muslim Rashtriya Manch of RSS. And although supporting Pasmanda Muslims and their rights may bear some fruits, but even this is futile in the long run. The best solution is to do mass-scale Ghar Wapsi (reconversion) of non-Hindus i.e. Muslims and Christians back to the Hindu fold. Hindu society has to use money, knowledge, tricks, power, propaganda and if necessary, even force also. This is a civilisational war being waged upon us. It’s up to Dharmic religions to take up the fight against the Abrahamic cults (including wokes, communists, librandus). An organisation like RSS should take up this task. And Indian states especially BJP rule states should support these movements.
  • Scrapping minority privileges: Our governments have been handing special privileges and powers to the so-called religious minorities. That has to stop and Art 25-30 needs to be amended to give Hindus equal rights such as managing religious educational institutions of their own.
  • Reclaiming Bharat: As mentioned before, a civilisational war has been waged upon us for the past 1400 years. And wars cannot be won by being defensive all the time. We have already lost Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and look what has become of those places. This will be our future as well if we didn’t wake up. Already Kashmir has lost a chunk of her civilisational identity. So, our long term goal has to be the reclamation of lost territories of Bharat. And not just reclamation of territories. We have to establish and expand Bharatiya civilisational consciousness. Example: Shiva temple in Ghazni, Afghanistan, Ram Mandir in Islamabad, rebuilding the glorious Surya Mandir of Multan. Of course, the names of these places have to be restored to original Sanskrit names (e.g. Mulsthan for Multan). This is a very long term project and may take anywhere between 70-500 years. It took 500 years for us to take back Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Ram Mandir movement was one of the most glorious events in world history. We have to replicate the Ram Mandir movement all across the Indian subcontinent, even beyond the present-day boundaries of India.
  • Strengthening Hindu institutions: Hindu institutions, particularly Hindu Mandirs, gurukulas have to be established on a massive scale and existing institutions and Mandirs have to be freed from all forms of governmental interventions. Hindu Mandirs have to be managed by Hindus only. Strong, independent Hindu institutions can do wonders for our civilisation.

I have suggested steps and measures which I am sure most Sarkari babus would throw away in the dustbin as they lack the education to see Jihadi problems as it is. And our education system, bureaucracy is an assembly line of mass-producing such brown coolie educated elites who have a stronghold in bureaucracy, corporate sector, judiciary and even politics. But ask any common Bharatiya and most of them would agree to my suggestions. They will likely add many such suggestions of their own. Bharat needs Chanakya and not Gandhi, Ambedkar, Nehru.

Jai Shree Ram!

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