Radical Islam places all Muslims in jeopardy. Radical Islamic violence is rampant in the Muslim world. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been slaughtered for their failure to conform to the demands of the radicals.

In Algeria alone, where decapitating teachers or slitting throats in front of students is not uncommon, radical Islamic violence has claimed the lives of upwards of 150,000 Muslims over the last ten years Wearing Western attire justifies summary execution.

Women are slaughtered or mutilated for exposing their hair. Entire villages have been wiped out by radical Islamic violence.

Egypt suffers from the same affliction: more than 60,000 people there have been brutally murdered and maimed by radical Muslims.

These are just two examples that show how the deadly nature of radical Islam affects not only infidels in the West but also Muslims and Muslim nations.

Radical Islam is motivated by a rage and hatred so profound that the temptation to kill persists even after it has achieved its supposed purpose.

Gaining political power in a single state does not satisfy radical Islamists; they seek to transform the societies they govern.

Think of the Taliban who, for a time, triumphed in Afghanistan. After taking control of the government, they turned their wrath on the local population, murdering, brutalizing, and terrorizing the Afghan people, in order to impose conformity with their own set of Islamic standards. They also set their sights on the rest of the world, recruiting holy warriors from abroad and training them to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Think of Iran– The success of the Iranian revolution did not satisfy its leaders. The Republic of Iran has been an exporter of terrorism from its inception; its creation, Hezbollah, does its work abroad by proxy. Moreover, the Iranian government maintains its power through terror.

Radical Islam is waging jihad against us all.

This jihad is not uniformly violent, Radical Islam has also encroached upon Western societies peacefully, often with their unwitting acquiescence.

The West’s tolerance and openness afford radical Islam ample opportunities for unimpeded expansion. Radical Islam has achieved astonishing success in the West simply because it has encountered no significant opposition.

It will continue to grow and accumulate power and influence unless thwarted.

There is still time to stop it. To do so, responsible citizens must expose the influence of radical Islam in media, government, politics, and education. Each and every one of us has been summoned to play a role in the conflict between the forces of chaos and civilization. Only in this way can we limit the reach of radical Islam.

Wherever we live, we can and we must stop the rising tide of Islamofascism. We must understand who this enemy is, how he thinks and operates, and how he exploits our weaknesses to achieve his ends. We must then use every legitimate means at our disposal to fight back.
We must educate and inform everyone about this enemy. We must effectively organize at the grass-roots level, to create a unified voice that says “enough” to political correctness, that demands that government officials and elected representatives do what is necessary to protect us from this scourge. We must win the public relations battle so that in the court of public opinion Islamofascism will rightly be judged guilty of the crimes it is perpetrating against humanity. And, when necessary, we must insist that our governments use armed force so that we may win this war. We must resist this enemy because our very lives and liberty depend on it

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