Because of unorganised, forgiving, let go, ‘love and let live’ and diverse nature of Hindus, there was a need to resist unrighteous (adharmic) entities that were hell bent in destroying the ancient Indic civilizations. BJP’s Modi govt only started exposed them and their intentions to the Hindu samaaj to some extent. These adharmic bodies were identified long back before independence and hence Hindutva came as a collective conscious force to resist the growing adharmic break-Bharat leftists ecosystem.

BJP before Modi and after Modi

As long as the BJP followed the ideology of Vajpayee Ji, it continued to follow the path of Ram. Strict standards were set for dignity, morality and purity. But they could never achieve absolute majority.

While the Congress continued to shamelessly defend its people, despite scam after scam worth crores of rupees, the BJP did not delay the removal of its national president Bangaru Laxman for only one lakh rupees, that too for the party fund !

But result in elections? Three lines of the same place…

Resignation of then defense minister George Fernandes on allegations of false coffin scam, but result in elections? Three lines of the same place…

There was no delay in the expulsion of Yeddyurappa by BJP as soon as Yeddyurappa was accused of corruption in Karnataka …..

But result in elections? Three lines of the same place…

Well ….

Narendra Modi’s debut….

He brings BJP to the path of Shri Krishna, who walks on the footprints of Ram!

Shri Krishna does not make any mistake in killing the unrighteous. ……….. if it is deceit, by deceit, if it is fraud, by fraud, if it is eternal, it is their goal to destroy the unrighteous!

That’s why they teach Arjuna to do only good deeds!

Overall, the essence is that the country is surrounded by enemies, many kinds of conspiracies are being made! Therefore, we cannot carry morality on our shoulder right now! …….. Keep the morality at bay, and if you want to save this country, you have to keep the power with you! ……….. whether it is in any way – material, price, punishment, distinction – in any way!

Without power you can do nothing! Therefore, BJP workers should not pay attention to Karna’s laments while ending! ……… just look at where his morality had gone when Abhimanyu was killed?

When the wheel of Karna’s chariot got sunk in mud, then Lord Shri Krishna said to Arjuna: Parth, what are you seeing? …… finish it!

Troubled Karna said: This is wrong!

Lord Shri Krishna said: Today the words of unrighteousness do not suit the face of those who surrounded Abhimanyu, and who called Draupadi as a prostitute in a filled up court!

The way the political corridor is talking about the constitution today, it looks like we are back in the Mahabharata era!

Have faith, Arjuna of Mahabharata was not missed! Even today’s Arjun will not miss!

Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamayam!

Whatever Shah is doing for the party to win, it is all fair in the election battle!

Like Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, surrendering for one vote, was there a political cleverness?

Atalji, due to his personal morality, toppled his government by one vote, and handed over the entire country to the thieves!

There are policies adopted by Raja or Kshatriya – Sam, Daam, Dand, Bhed, which are called Remedy-Chaturthya (Four Measures)!

Seven policies are described for the king to run the system of the state smoothly!

Apart from Chaturthya, there are three others – Maya, Neglect and Indrajal !!

There is no opposition in the political corridor, with which the moral-ethical game is played! Straight dhubby is required!

One such incident to suppress Hindus

It is a matter of 1955! Saudi King Emperor “Shah Saud” came to India at the invitation of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He reached Delhi on 7 December 1955, where he was welcomed in full royal fashion! After Delhi, Shah Saud visited Varanasi too!

The government arranged for a special train for “Shah Saud” to travel from Delhi to Varanasi! For the number of days Shah Shah Saud lived in Varanasi, all government buildings in Benaras were flagged with “Kalma Tayyiba”!

In Varanasi, all the roads and roads that “Shah Saud” had to pass, the temples and idols falling in the streets were covered with curtains!

The poet “Nazir Banarsi” said a lion, praising Islam and making fun of Hindus :-
Adna slaves theirs,
Had passed through Benares,
He used to hide his face,
Happy eating of Kashi!

Now, see the big picture & impact of Hindutva

Now think yourself whether this can be done for any of the biggest Turram Khan, under the rule of Modi and Yogi? Going so far today, nobody can think of doing it!

Hindus, answer, how else would you like to see “good days”?

Even today, the heads of the most powerful countries come to India, and they are also brought to Varanasi! But now temples or idols are not hidden, instead those foreigners are shown Ganga ji aarti, and are included in the worship!

Such was the Hindutva suppression of Congressmen!

Forward among your acquaintances and groups!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Nationalism is paramount.

Jai Hind!!

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