Given the ferocity of the far-left’s hatred of Israel and its increasing propensity for violence, this was perhaps inevitable: earlier this week in midtown Manhattan, right outside the New York Public Library, a Muslim mob screaming “Allahu akbar” violently assaulted a Jewish man, leaving him bleeding from a head wound. Posting video of the incident on Twitter, Times of Israel contributor Joshua Washington labeled it: “Attempted lynching of a Jewish man in New York.” Yet nothing is more certain in our morally confused age that the attackers went away thinking they were on the side of righteousness.

Another video of the incident that was posted on Rumble shows the mob that attacked the man screaming “Allahu akbar,” “F**k you, Zionist pig,” and “Palestine’s too strong for you.” Independent journalist Elad Eliahu reported that “According to one protester, a passer-by made really hateful comments towards free Palestine protesters which allegedly lead to one throwing a chair at this man as he was mobbed by others. He was eventually led into a store by an officer after being chased.” This is Bill de Blasio’s New York, and so it was no surprise that, as Eliahu noted, “According to sources the NYPD’s riot squad caught the protester who allegedly threw the chair, proceeded to not arrest and let him go.”

Of course they did. The left is on the side of the Palestinians, and so Palestinian protesters assaulting a Jew are going to have a hard time getting arrested in the far-left one-party oligarchy that New York City has become. We should just be grateful that de Blasio doesn’t give the chair-wielding thug the key to the city. After all, he and his comrades believe that the Palestinians are acting on a righteous cause.

The protesters who mobbed this Jewish man obviously believe that as well: their screams of “Allahu akbar” make that clear. “Allahu akbar” does not mean “God is great,” as the establishment media frequently claims, but “Allah is greater,” that is, the god of Islam is superior to the god of the infidels, or to any other infidel entity. It is a declaration of the victory and superiority of Islam, which is why jihad terrorists so often shout it. Its usage by the mob in New York City also underscores the fact that Palestinian activists tend to see the conflict in Islamic terms.

In fact, Palestinian spokesmen and their allies around the Islamic world routinely frame the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of Islamic theology, and particularly in terms of the Islamic imperative to “drive them out from where they drove you out” (Qur’an 2:191). It is a historical fiction that the Israelis drove the Muslim Arabs out of the modern state of Israel, as is abundantly documented in The Palestinian Delusion. However, this fiction is tenaciously and relentlessly repeated among Palestinians themselves, fueling the rage that powers the jihad against the Jewish state, and making the destruction of Israel a divine command and a holy act.

Accordingly, General Mohammad-Hossein Sepehr of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said last week: “We have a religious duty to defend the world of Islam. We have a religious duty to act against Israel and annihilate it. This is the command and strategy of both imams of the Revolution. This is the command and strategy of the Prophet Muhammad and of God Himself.”

Sepehr’s boss, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, went even farther, declaring: “The issue of Palestine continues to be the most important and active issue for the Islamic Ummah collectively….Israel is not a country, rather it is a terrorist camp against the Palestinian nation and other Muslim nations….Today, the balance of power has swung in favor of the world of Islam….Palestine and Quds has been described in the Holy Quran as the ‘Holy Land’. It has been tens of years now that the most impure and malicious human beings have been occupying this pure land: they are devils who massacre honorable human beings and then they confess to it with complete shamelessness. They are racists who have been harassing, for more than 70 years, the main owners of the land by murdering, looting, imprisoning and torturing them, but, thank God, they have not been able to break their willpower. Palestine is alive and it continues to resist and it will finally overcome the malicious enemy with God’s assistance. Holy Quds and the entire Palestine belongs to those people [the Palestinians] and they will regain its possession again: ‘Nor is that for Allah any great matter [Qur’an 14:20].’”

And according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), an imam in Miami named Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi declared: “By Allah, we will take it back. Palestine is the land of Islam….The land of Islam – and we will take it back.” He cheekily added: “And we would like to thank you for all your settlements, because then we will find housing when we get back there. Thank you very much. Because you will be running away like mice.”

In light of this vicious and violent triumphalism, the victim in the New York City attack is fortunate to have gotten away alive. It is hard to imagine anything the people who attacked him might have done to him that would have caused them to regret their own viciousness and brutality. They know, or think they know, that they are on the side of the good, and that excuses all manner of evil.


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