It is a well established criminal procedure that the person who is supposed to gain the most from the crime is most likely the criminal. We will apply the same principle here while dealing with the topic.

The second covid wave has battered India. How?

  1. So many people have died and so many families have been devastated.
  2. Many people who have recovered are facing several post covid complications.
  3. Economy which was recovering well has been given another blow and will take more time to recover.
  4. India’s reputation has gone down internationally as a pharma/medical tourism hub.
  5. The good work done by Modi Govt in controlling the first wave have been completely negated.

In this article I would analyze who gained the most out of this debacle.

First, China was using the vaccine diplomacy to gain/repair its international influence. India was successfully countering that through its own vaccine strategy. For e.g., Uruguay which is a small country in South America is one of the few countries who had recognized Taiwan as an independent country. China was blackmailing Uruguay to stop recognizing Taiwan before providing Chinese vaccines. But India stepped in and provided Uruguay with Vaccines due to which China went to backfoot. Many other South East Asian nations also appreciated the gesture as they started looking at India a viable alternative to Chinese bullying.

Second, The Modi Govt has dealt the most severe blow to China financially, politically and diplomatically on world stage. Before that, Sonia Gandhi’s govt had “almost” sold India to China. The second Covid wave (in collaboration with the corrupt India media which is governed mainly by the Chinese financed left forces in India) have successfully defamed the Modi Govt. In a way or other, this will result to weakening of Modi Govt to certain extent. The results are visible, in the recently conducted Uttar Pradesh Panchayat elections BJP did not do that well. And Modi/BJP’s loss is directly China’s gain. China used a similar strategy for defaming Donald Trump and getting Biden to power in US. The media successfully defamed Trump.

Third, India was making excellent economic recovery. Many Indian manufacturing startups/MSMEs were coming up which had already started challenging the Chinese grip on Indian market (had the recovery gone on well). Many native Indian companies have also started competing Chinese companies inside and outside India as well. But the second Covid wave has put a speed breaker to all this.

Fourth, India was being started to be viewed as a viable alternative to China in all aspects (whether militarily, politically, economically or diplomatically). But the second wave, coupled with India’s lack of preparedness for countering the wave has dented the reputation. It will take time and efforts to build up that reputation again.

Fifth, Many countries(especially small ones) before the second wave, were looking at India for procuring vaccines. They have now started looking at China. This will help China gain a lot of Money or influence or both.

Looking at all the above and applying the logic the “In any murder person who gains the most is likely the murderer” we can conclude the 2nd COVID wave is purely a Chinese creation just as the first one.

It is important for the country men and women to understand the nefarious designs of Indian enemies(both internal and external) and remain watchful.

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