While Rahul Gandhi and sonia Gandhi blame the central government and accuse PM Modi of mishandling the deadly Covid second wave, the duo and their partymen merrily go around flouting Covid norms and hold super-spreader events like instigating “farmers” to gather in thousands amid a raging pandemic to ‘protest’ against the beneficial new Farm Laws.

Today, the Congress is reported to have arranged a huge funeral procession rally with a decked up truck carrying the mortal remains of a Congress leader, Karan Mhatre in rural areas in Solapur by brazenly flouting all Covid norms.

The Congress has flouted with impunity the rules of having very limited people for a funeral to contain Covid spread. The huge crowd accompanying the funeral procession did not wear any masks and threw all social distancing norms to the wind.

It is not surprising that the local police and DM let this event take place and did not even file an FIR against the Congress leaders who organised the super-spreader event as Congress is in power in Maharashtra and this gives a blank cheque for Congress netas to spread Covid and later blame PM Modi and BJP for mishandling of the pandemic.

This event is all the more shocking as Covid is spreading in rural Maharashtra and care needs to be taken by the administration and political parties needs to observe all Covid related norms to contain the spread. But when did Congress ever have a sense of responsibility or hold public interest in high priority?

Other than this Congress ruled states like Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh have abysmal record of handling Covid cases. For instance, there are several reports showing ventilators sent by the centre to Rajasthan under PM Cares initiative lying in dumps and not put in use for the needy.

The Congress headed by Sonia Gandhi family seems to have a strategy of creating Covid crisis by spreading the pandemic in all ways possible, promote vaccine hesitancy, support black-marketing of Oxygen cylinders and concentrators (Congress senior advocate defends Oxygen black-marketeer Navneet Kalra in courts) and later blame the centre and BJP for mismanagement through its propagandists in media.

The central government and BJP, while it steps up efforts to handle the pandemic, needs to get its PR act together and counter the Congress ecosystem propaganda by having very good suave media communicators in regional languages and English demolishing the false narrative created by forces inimical to India through the Congress.

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