On October 9, a video of Maulana Azad Medical College students making fun of Sudama and Bhagwan Krishna by depicting Sudama as drunk went has created uproar online.

One of the girls playing on stage took on Krishna’s appearance. A male actor who plays Sudama as inebriated appears from the right side of the screen. He stumbles, sits on the stage, and then fumbles with throwing money into the air. The actor then stands up and moves toward the middle of the stage while acting as though he is swigging liquor straight from the bottle. The song “Are Dwarpalon Kanhaiya Ko Kehdo” may be heard in the 44-second video that Author Anshul Pandey posted.

He approaches the actor portraying Krishna toward the end and gives her a drink from his bottle and the secular crowd applauds on this scene.

While speaking to Opindia, author Anshul Pandey stated “I was disgusted when I saw the video. I wanted everyone to see what was happening in the name of ‘art’. After the video went viral, I got a DM on Twitter with the said “apology” letter that I shared on my timeline. I want to ask them if they think we Hindus will sit back just after the apology. I believe because we do not take strict action against such activities, they feel it is okay to mock Sanatan Dharma.”

He added, “I did not see the apology from the students,” when asked if he thought the apology was sufficient. “If you notice, it is merely a notification from the medical college’s Residential Doctors Association that they purportedly took some action against the student. I don’t think that simply prohibiting them from performing in the future will be sufficient to halt this “culture” of making fun of Hindus. Sincere to say, the kids’ behavior falls under Section 295A. I hope they realize how offended the Hindu community’s religious feelings have been by their actions.”

According to the report of Opindia, the Residents Doctors Association and Azad Medicos Association jointly organized the four-day yearly carnival for the first time, A source stated, “When the seniors noticed that the act could hurt the sentiments of a community, they called the members of Mahaul Makers, the group that performed the satirical act, and asked them to give a written apology.”

He said, “Many of the medical professionals here are Bhagwan Krishna devotees. We can see how they would have clashed, yet the apology was given unconditionally. This debate ought to cease since it will unnecessarily damage the institute’s reputation. I can promise you that the group Mahaul Makers has been disbanded, and the students who participated in the act will not be permitted to perform in the future.

The Maulana Azad Medical College’s Resident Doctors Association released a press release on the matter. We would like to make it clear that the incident in question occurred on the evening of September 27, 2022, during a satirical comedy show that was a part of the yearly college fest, they stated. The Residents Doctors Association and Azad Medicos Association collaborated to plan the 4-day college festival known as Synapse. The script for the event was kept a secret due to its competitive nature. This was against the organizing committee’s rules and regulations.

They continued, “While the act displayed in the video was degrading and unethical, the cultural society doing it (named Mahaul Makers) was categorically banned and barred from participating in any future activities on the campus, effective the very next day, on September 28. Additionally, a written apology was requested and provided.

In a statement highlighting the college and hospital’s role in the Covid pandemic, they stated that “MAMC and Lok Nayak Hospital hold a national record of treating the most number of COVID patients in the most recent pandemic, leading from the front since the outbreak began.” The group also claimed that the college supported “secularism.”

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