Like most of the idiotic liberal ideas that gain traction these days, this particular idea too started getting discussed with a tweet of Shashi Tharoor.

This idea on the surface seems laughable. Many people have ridiculed it and very rightly so. But this idea is very dangerous with the potential of wrecking Bharat if it were to be implemented. The original proponent of this idea probably knows this. I doubt it is Kamal Haasan as he lacks the intellectual depth to come up with this sinister plot. He most probably borrowed it from a post-modernist or heard about it somewhere.
So why I chose to call this idea ‘a sinister plot of anti-Bharat forces’?
Before answering this question, let’s answer this question: “What’s the single biggest contributor to the flourishing nature of Bharatiya civilization for the past more than 10000 years?”
The answer is the Nishkam Karmayog of Indian women (the selfless karma of Indian women). Apart from the well-known examples such as Gangaputra Bhisma, Gautamiputra Satkarni, and Jijabai’s role in the transformation of Shivaji to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the entire Bharatvarsha exists and functions because of the selfless karma of Indian women. The reasons are both evolutionary and Dharmic. Women have evolutionary instincts to raise children in the best possible manners. The Dharmic nature of Bharat provided an environment for women to perform their selfless karma and the selfless karma of women ensured the existence of such flourishing Dharmic environment.

Now enter the post-modernists, cultural Marxists in the debate. These people basically reject everything that exists and enable our societies: families, responsibilities, masculinity, femininity, gender and even science also if it doesn’t fit their agenda. The dominance of these unscientific postmodernists, Marxist theories in social science studies is the reason why Universities across the world are getting polarised and we are seeing a new phenomenon called “woke culture”. For this woke post-modernist feminist brigade, the notion of selfless karma of Indian women is unfathomable, utterly distasteful and in complete contrast of their moronic binary beliefs. This hatred for Indian women and Dharmic culture of selfless karma is easily evident in the much-ridiculed portal: Feminism in India and also in the articles, campaigns of many companies, websites, etc. The thing is all these tactics backfire. Because abusing a selfless karma yogi/ karma yogini is pointless. The best example of the same is our Prime Minister.
However, there is one trick to ruin and wreck societies on massive proportions. That trick is known as socialism and socialistic welfare. Now, I am a firm believer in the concept of welfare but it should be voluntary welfare i.e. Daan with no strings attached from the donor, unlike the welfares of the Churches and foreign-funded NGOs, almost all of whom have sinister agendas against Bharat. Coming to the socialist welfares, it is a tool to make people incompetent, entitled, irresponsible, unproductive and lazy. One good example is the NREGA. I have seen this myself where NREGA has wrecked villages due to sudden loss of hardworking labour, many of the men benefitting from the schemes actually turning unproductive and alcoholic. A lot of schemes of the cheap, wasteful distribution of food grains also had these impacts.
So the catch in offering monetary incentives for household “work” performed by Indian women is also to make them entitled, irresponsible and a block of vote bank. The big problem for these liberals, however, is that most of the women of Bharat whom these liberals look down upon as housewives actually take pride in being “housewives” and treat their household work as a part of their pure selfless karma and dharma. If we even try to put a monetary value on this, our whole central government budget will fall short. It’s like dropping a bucket of water in an ocean. So dear libtards, stay away from things you have no idea about.

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